Writer: Interaction between publishers and schools can improve reading


TEHRAN — Iranian translator Maryam Meftahi said collaboration between publishers and schools can improve children’s reading.

Speaking to IRNA’s Persian service on Sunday, she added that people should be accustomed to reading from childhood during school years.

“Schools should ask publishers to attend meetings with schoolchildren to present their latest offerings, and this interaction can institutionalize reading in society,” she added.

Meftahi said she was ready to organize meetings with schoolchildren to encourage reading and called on publishers to introduce quality books to children.

Meftahi’s Persian translation of “And Then It Happened,” a Canadian series of children’s books by Michael Wade and Laura Wade, was recently published by Afarinegan in Tehran.

Since its release in the fall of 2003, this hit series has entertained students across North America. “And Then It Happened” is a laugh-out-loud series that’s guaranteed to get kids reading.

Meftahi learned about the series from his nephew who is studying at a school in Canada. The school principals chose the series and asked Michael and Laura to come to school to present the books.

“I couldn’t stop reading after reading the first book in the seven-volume series; children will surely understand the characters from the books,” she said.

Gordon, Paulo and Narrator are the main characters of the stories.

Gordon is the one who usually gets the other boys into trouble and good pranks. Paulo is comfortable using a variety of tools and lives on a farm with his parents and Narrator is the storyteller for the series. His name is not mentioned throughout the series.

“The way children who sometimes make mistakes and receive punishment are treated, and the way they behave towards the police and their parents is really appealing to children and can be very constructive,” Meftahi said.

The books in the series were released separately to give low-income families some choice, she added.

Meftahi is also the translator of “The Miller’s Daughter” by Margaret Dickinson, “”The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt, “Me after You” by Jojo Moyes and several other books.

Photo: This combination photo shows translator Maryam Meftahi and her Persian rendition of the ‘And Then It Happened’ series.



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