Webinar: Optimizing the pork production chain in Argentina


The pig sector in Argentina needs additional support. This is why the Gitah Porcino group was created, aiming at the transfer of knowledge between the Netherlands and Argentina. With the support of 11 Dutch companies, a series of 6 webinars were recorded to address practical challenges and solutions. This first episode gives a general introduction to the optimization of the pork production chain.

Gitah Porcino’s webinars, each with a different theme, will go live one by one in the early months of 2022. All webinars will be recorded in English, but have Spanish subtitles. pig progress editor-in-chief Vincent ter Beek joined to moderate the webinars, which were recorded in The Hague, Netherlands.

The Dutch pig sector

Dr. Eva Gocsik from Hungary is an animal protein analyst at the Rabobank Food and Agribusiness research department. She discusses the progress and experience that the pig industry in the Netherlands has gained in recent years.

Pig data turned into profits

Also joining the conversation, albeit remotely, is Francisco Tascón, a trained veterinarian who currently serves as sales manager for software solutions company AgroVision in Latin America. It explains how to use data to improve the profitability of pig production.

Pigsty in the Netherlands

Back in the studio in The Hague, the Netherlands, the webinar focuses on “The Dutch Barn”. Gerjan Husiman, owner of Practical Pig Solutions and speaking on behalf of pig barn specialist Veldman Group, outlined some important things to consider when it comes to housing, pointing out that there are many options.

Skills, development and training

Finally, Janneke Janssens, co-owner of Roodbont Publishers, an international agricultural publishing company, discusses the financial and human resource challenges of developing a pig production farm and the link to knowledge transfer and skills development and training.

This webinar ended with a round table between all the presenters.


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