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The electronic components used in a spacecraft must meet very high quality and production standards and function reliably in extremely harsh environments. TTTech Aeronautics and the company’s semiconductor partner, STMicroelectronics, have completed the development, industrialization and qualification of highly integrated and radiation hardened systems TTEthernet® Systems on Chip (SoC) network controllers. They are used in deterministic and fault tolerant Ethernet networks for space applications. Successfully qualified TTESwitch HiRel controller and TTEEnd HiRel system controller are already used in the avionics systems of two major launcher programs and one robotic program.

Upon successful completion of qualification, TTESwitch Controller HiRel and TTEEnd System Controller HiRel are now available as series products, ready for use in a wide variety of space flight applications, such as launchers, satellites or aircraft. robotic applications.

TTTech Aerospace’s TTEthernet® network controllers (TTEEnd System Controller HiRel and TTESwitch Controller HiRel) act only as systems on a chip (SoC). They support three classes of traffic: standard Ethernet (IEEE802.3), rate limited and time triggered traffic (SAE AS6802) for a wide variety of network applications. With their high gigabit / second bandwidths, network controllers are ideal for real-time transfer of high data payloads (e.g. high-resolution images and videos) and hard real-time transmission of data critical controls for security with short latency on a single network. A wide range of interfaces allows great flexibility of connection to electronic equipment for easy integration.

The TTEEnd System Controller HiRel and the TTESwitch Controller HiRel are equipped with an integrated LEON2 CPU for system management and diagnostics which ensures automatic synchronization of the time of the application on the network. The chip is based on a radiation cured design process and packaged in an economical plastic case. This ensures reliability in harsh environments requiring high radiation tolerance for applications such as launchers and low earth orbit (LEO) satellites.

Our TTEthernet® SoC network controllers are the first of their kind in the world to enter series production. They act as a “central nervous system” connecting all the systems of the spacecraft. Their modular and deterministic nature supports design optimization and a significant reduction in software complexity and equipment size. This reduces system integration as well as verification and validation efforts, enabling faster development of higher performing, lower cost and fault tolerant computing platforms for avionics and control applications.,” noted Christian Fidi, Senior Vice President Business Unit Aerospace, TTTech.


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