There are plenty of passionate writers in Krugersdorp


Mogale City Library Services are always working hard to preserve literature and promote the love of reading among young and old.

For readers to have more to read, writers must live their dreams on the pages. To encourage more aspiring local writers to do just that, the library recently hosted a writing workshop with the Gauteng Provincial Libraries and Archives Department.

“The workshop held at Krugersdorp Central Library attracted over 40 aspiring writers and established publishers, from as far away as the East Rand and the Merafong,” explained Krugersdorp Senior Librarian Dr Nthabiseng Raduvha .

“The workshop, which takes place every year, aims to ensure that the culture of reading and writing becomes central in transforming and uplifting communities. Guided by our continuous work and in close collaboration with the communities of our constituency, our department has realized that the quality of writing has not only diminished, but in some cases lacks competitiveness and creativity.

The workshops have therefore been identified as an intervention that will equip writers in the future with the skills, techniques and know-how to produce sound reading material produced by informative knowledge.

Nthabiseng added that she looked forward to hosting another local writers’ workshop in June where writers can showcase their work.

“Discussions on topics ranging from writing skills, audience research, finding a niche in writing and editing, among others, were led by Munsieville-based author and editor , Phillip Ndlovu Phillip also encouraged writers to form study groups to share information or plots and ideas to develop their skills and keep them focused on growing.

“The workshop also follows the free electronic resources recently unveiled by our Library Services at City Libraries, allowing registered users to access a variety of resources including books, journals and online encyclopedias. This electronic resource material will make information needed for research, study or any other purpose more accessible and easily usable for our library users, including our aspiring writers and editors,” Nthabiseng concluded.


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