The platform connects talented writers with producers



The platform connects talented writers with producers


Allan Gitau is upset with the inability of aspiring creative writers to gain adequate exposure to carve out a niche in the industry.

To fill the void, he founded Andika, a digital platform that connects creative writers with content producers and facilitates their interactions.

“A lot of the time you find young, up-and-coming writers creating content but not knowing where to take it. It ends up gathering dust on their shelves when it could turn out to be quality work if spotted by the right eyes. That’s what Andika seeks to address, providing exposure and making writers discoverable,” says Gitau.

Having started out as a creative writer himself and part of the team that scripted a popular local comedy-drama dubbed ‘Gumbaru School’Mr. Gitau says his Andika platform is the first of its kind in Kenya.

So how does the platform work?

“Once you visit the Andika website, you will need to register either as a writer or as an editor. We have made account registration free for creative writers,” says Gitau.

Once you have registered and entered all the required information, including your full name, country, city, phone number, date of birth and email address, you will be able to log in to using your new password.

“The platform gives you the option to submit a maximum of 10 projects, so you’d do well to use your 10 slots wisely by uploading your most premium content,” says Gitau.


Allan Gitau, founder of the Andika platform. PICTURES | COURTESY

“Each project uploaded by a writer will have to carry a copyright mark.”

On the platform, writers will only be able to see their own projects and not those of their peers.

People who register as publishers will be able to access a review button and can then rate the works they come across.

“The top-rated projects will be placed on the home page of the website,” says Gitau.

Once a project has been purchased by a producer/publisher, the author will have to withdraw it.

“Publishers will have to sign conditions during registration stating that they do not advance or develop the ideas they encounter on the site before entering into an agreement with the author concerned”, specifies Mr. Gitau.

400 registrations

Andika has so far grown to attract 400 registrations for writers and 10 for publishers. Mr. Gitau insists that the platform is a first avenue for writers that will go a long way to bringing out many dormant creative talents.

“The key goal from the start was to create a pool where creative ideas meet and mingle with the forces that can bring them to life.”

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