The authors of Splitgate have decided to stop production of the shooter and continue its development of a sequel


The multiplayer shooter Splitgate was released before the original release in 2019, but until it became popular in 2020. The unique combination of Halo and Portal attracted many gamers. The shooter has since enjoyed well-deserved success. But now 1047 games are for the next step.

Source: 1047 games.

1047 Games has announced that Splitgate will be completed. The studio decided to make a full-fledged sequel that would bring some groundbreaking, non-evolutionary changes. The project is also known as a shooter for portals. It is developed on Unreal Engine 5. It will be shareware.

According to 1047 Games, Splitgate achieved an incredible level of success that the studio could have expected, and very few indie games achieved it. It turned what started out as a student dream project into a AAA project that could compete with major publishers. However, the developer had a problem: due to 1047 Games recruiting top talent, it took a long time to re-examine old content and old systems originally created by a handful of people. The team has since decided to play a new game rather than try to modify the old one after much discussion and thought.

On September 15, 1047 Games will release a new Splitagate Battle Pass for everyone, which is a thank you for players playing the shooter. Additionally, the studio clarified that the project will receive minor repairs in the future.

On PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox X/S.

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