t2.world raises $3.4 million to empower readers and writers in a decentralized future


Decentralized publishing platform t2.world (t2) raised $3.4 million in a seed funding round led by Inflection and Archetype, with participation from Metaweb, SevenX Ventures, Seed Club Ventures, Block0, GCR, Generalist Capital and Marc Weinstein.

t2’s mission is to encourage deep reading, create a social experience around reading, and provide a promising solution to the overall reduction in attention span. This investment brings t2 closer to its goal of enabling readers and writers to grow their communities in the Web3 space using new economic and voting tools powered by blockchain technology.

Believing that these tools can be used to promote human-centric ethics and community, the team led by Mengyao Han, CEO and Founder of t2.world, is building a more transparent, decentralized and collaborative narrative for the future and an alternative for the extractive attention economy.

Align incentives between readers, writers and curators

t2 enables users to monetize their investment of time and attention when interacting with content by ushering in a new reading model for contributing, reading and earning. Using this model, the platform provides an infrastructure for decentralized communities (DAOs) to grow and monetize their subcultures by curating high-quality content.

t2 is designed as a decentralized online editor that promotes collaboration, with incentives between different users (writers, readers and curators) carefully aligned so that everyone receives fair rewards for their contribution.

The t2 protocol uses time as a matrix for capturing and distributing value by passively creating and dispersing tokens with real value for content creators, readers and communities to participate in the ecosystem and play a vital role in content preservation.

This seemingly utopian world is about to become a reality powered by Proof of Attention Tokens, TXT (Time X Time), which embody how users contribute to the network from their interactions with content and return them. then with tangible value.

The protocol is designed to capture the curation value generated from the time users spend deep reading and the platform’s native token represents the value created from an hour of curated human attention in the markets. attention.

“We couldn’t be more excited to work with the phenomenal team at t2. t2 is a user-owned platform that takes the leap into a new model of curating human content through an incentive mechanism to read and earn. At the heart of this mechanism is the human time devoted to the deep interaction of the content (evidence of attention). We believe t2’s approach has the potential to turn the internet upside down by replacing clickbait with quality content that people can read and learn,” commented Alexander Lange, founding partner of inflection resume.

The exciting roadmap ahead

Primarily London-based t2 will deploy the $3.4 million investment to create the platform’s groundbreaking Proof of Attention (PoA) model to encourage deep reading, grow a vibrant and sustainable community of readers and writers and hire key talent.

t2 is in development, and plans for beta product work and onboarding the first batch of writers and high-quality content are underway. With the goal of launching the first version at the end of 2022, preparations to build the community and set up the extended team ambassador program are underway.

Focused on helping decentralized communities form and grow their subculture, t2 also lays the groundwork for developing content partnerships, connecting with writers, content houses, and DAOs, and defining the future of t2. with strong subculture allies. In the meantime, t2 invites new users to test the product, report bugs, and suggest new features. Anyone interested in becoming an Alpha tester is encouraged to register through the allow list request.

“We are delighted to support t2. Mengyao and the team bring a unique and experienced UX/UI lens to Web3 content, along with a disruptive playback and gain mechanism. At Archetype, we believe t2 can unlock an untapped market by designing a new era of content consumption and curation in which users become stakeholders who are rewarded for their contributions,” said Ash Egan, Founder and General Partner of Archetype.

To sign up for the t2 Alpha allowlist, visit: https://tpvk67rvwpq.typeform.com/to/d8wrzPbo



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