Sony reportedly cut PS5 production again due to chip shortages and shipping issues



Sony’s PlayStation 5 may not be able to break PS4’s first-year sales record due to continued component shortages, according to Bloomberg. The company has reportedly cut its previous production forecast from $ 16 million to $ 15 million, jeopardizing its target of 14.8 million PS5 sales by March, if the report is correct. It also worsens the situation in terms of consumers being able to buy a PS5 while on vacation.

Sony is said to be having issues not only with parts sourcing, but also with shipping logistics, according to Bloombergthe sources. The problems are in part due to uneven vaccine deployments in countries where Sony makes chips and shortages of critical parts such as power chips.

The situation has affected other console makers like Nintendo and even affected the launch of a brand new console, Valve’s Steam Deck – pushing the date back to 2022. There have been cases where publishers have said that sales are gradually shifting. to PC versions of games due to a lack of consoles.

March is still a long way off, so Sony could still reach the record sales target. But it’s rather worrying that this report comes right before Christmas, so if you’re looking for a PS5 as a gift and see an opportunity to get one, you better grab it quickly.

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