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LOS ANGELES, 12 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – SESAC Execution rights is proud to pay tribute to its talented designers with its Film and Television Composers Award. The winners were announced today on and on the organization’s website and social media platforms, celebrating the achievements of affiliates over the past year. The online celebration paid tribute to composers in the categories of Film, Streaming Media, Cable TV, Network TV and Local TV.

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“I am delighted to be able to celebrate our film and television composers,” said Scott Jungmichel, President & COO, SESAC Performing Rights. “Their creativity and songwriting skills dramatically shape the entertainment experience, regardless of platform. We are excited to take this moment to recognize their accomplishments and share how grateful we are for everything they do. make.”

“We very much admire our talented group of film and television composers,” said Erin collins, Vice-President Film, Television and Media Development of SESAC. “The hard work they have provided never goes unnoticed – we are honored every day we work with them.”

Émile Mosséri was honored for his Oscar nominated work in the film Minari. Christophe beck was among the winners for his cinematographic composition of Like a boss; Andy grush and Taylor stewart of the Newton brothers for The Grudge. In the other categories, more than 40 television composers, including Danny lux, Gabriel Mann, Evan Frankfurt, Diviner Powers and Jon Ehrlich, were honored, recognizing compositions from some of the industry’s top-rated shows, including A million little things, Grey’s Anatomy, Manifest, The Late Late Show with James corden, Late at night with Seth Meyer, and much more.

SESAC is also pleased to announce several new Composers Affiliates, including Nathalie Bonin, Lili Haydn, Laura Karpman, Becky kneubuhl, Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum, Jeff Lippencott, and Mark T. Williams. The full list of winners is available below and at


Below is the full list of winners:


Christophe beck: Like a boss
Émile Mosséri: Minari
The Newton brothers (Andy grush): The Grudge
The Newton brothers (Taylor stewart): The Grudge


Andy grush
Bruce miller
Christophe beck
Christophe Tyng
Danny lux
Gabriel Mann
Giona Ostinelli
Jason derlatka
John swihart
Jon Ehrlich
Matt Mariano
Taylor stewart

Cable television

Ben zebelman
Bruce miller
Christophe beck
Christophe Tyng
Craig sharmat
Danny lux
Dennis C. Brown
Diviner Powers
Gabriel Mann
Matt Mariano
Michel Egizi
Richard bowers

NETWORK Television

Danny lux: Grey’s Anatomy, Manifesto, Station 19
David Dachinger: PGA Tour Golf
Eric Berdon: Veterinarians save animals
Evan Frankfurt: The inner champion
François Hasden: 48 hours
Gabriel Mann: A million little things, Modern Family, The Unicorn
Guillermo Brown: The Late Late Show with James corden
Agar Ben Ari: The Late Late Show with James corden
Jason derlatka: The resident
Jon Ehrlich: The resident
Michel Egizi: CBS Promotions
Paul Buckley: Odd squad
Seth Jabour: Late night with Seth Meyers
Steven scalfati: The Late Late Show with James corden
Syd butler: Late at night with Seth Meyer
Tim young: The Late Late Show with James corden

Five hundred southern songs: Grey’s Anatomy, A Million Little Things, Station 19
Fox Tunes Inc: The resident
FRC Music Edition: Odd squad
Melywork music: 48 hours
Music box street: Tell the truth
Must See the music: Late at night with Seth Meyer
Radical Rob Tunes: PGA Tour Golf
Song Fair Inc: CBS Promos, The Late Late Show with James corden
Warner Hollywood Music LLC: Manifesto
Sound would work: Animal Tales, Consumer 101, Earth Odyssey with Dylan dreyer, Innovation Nation, Hope in the Wild, Lucky Dog, Pet Vet Dream Team, Vets Saving Pets
Zoo to You Music: A New Leaf, Animal Tales, Consumer 101, Earth Odyssey with Dylan dreyer, Hope in the Wild, Innovation Nation, Lucky Dog, Naturally, Danny seo, Pet Vet Dream Team, The Inner Champion, Vets Save The Animals


Bob DeMarco: Extra, Doctors
David Catalano: Maury, Judge Jerry
Dennis C. Brown: Two and a half men
Diviner Powers: Couples court with cutlers, Paternity court, Whacked Out Sports
Evan Frankfurt: The great Dr Scott
Fernando Corona: Suelta la Sopa
Gabriel Mann: Modern family
Glenn sherman: Maury
Jason halbert: Kelly Clarkson’s Show
John swihart: how I Met Your Mother
Larry brown: Faded away
Michel Egizi: DailyMailTV, Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Hot Bench, Inside Edition, Rachel Ray
Paul Buckley: 2 broken girls

29 new songs released: The doctors
AND Syndicated Productions Inc: Additional
Hymn Test Vision Music: The king of queens
Anthem TV Avenue Music: The Goldbergs
Start roaring: Court of couples with cutlers, Court of paternity
Fox Tunes Inc: How I met your mother, modern family
Musica Telemundo: Suelta la Sopa
Must See the music: Judge Jerry, The Kelly Clarkson Show
Song Fair Inc: DailyMailTV, Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Entertainment Tonight, Hot Bench, Rachel Ray
Broadcast music: ??Despierta America!
Warner Hollywood Music LLC: Two and a half men
Whack Two Edition: Saggy sports
Zoo to You Music: Hearts of Heroes, Oh Baby !, The Great Dr Scott

SESAC execution rights is the second oldest PRO in the United States. It improves licensing efficiency for music users and enhances value for its affiliated authors, publishers and composers by providing fast and efficient royalty collection and distribution. SESAC represents more than 30,000 songwriters and film composers from a wide range of genres, including artists such as Adele, Christophe beck, Rosanne Cash, David Crosby, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Randy Newman, Lalah Hathaway, Kesha, Gabriel Mann and much more. SESAC music group is a leader and innovator in music licensing that administers public performance, mechanical and other rights through SESAC Performing Rights and its affiliates, including The Harry Fox Agency, Rumblefish and Mint Digital Services. SESAC Music Group has offices in new York, Nashville, Los Angeles, London and Munich.

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