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The blurb of the recently published book Farside by Jaishankar Krishnamurthy reads: “Like the dark side of the moon, everyone has a face that has never been seen.” Although they allude to the protagonist of his cooking pot, these words also ring true for Krishnamurthy. Until recently, this Bengaluru-based finance professional believed his dream of being a published novelist was impossible to achieve. Yet, with the help of his writer wife who co-wrote the book, he not only succeeded, but also stumbled upon a prime business idea.

“Through my experience, I’ve realized that many people like me may not have the time or skills to write, or the resources to convert their unique ideas into novels. That’s why we started Script A Hit in April 2021, which is a unique platform for individuals to fulfill their dream of becoming an author or the creative mind behind an audiovisual production like a film or web series,”
he explains.

Jaishankar Krishnamurthy

To bring his idea to life, Krishnamurthy teamed up with others who had specific knowledge and relevant creative skills in this field. The first of these is his wife, popular fiction writer Krishna Udayasankar, who has the distinction of successfully pitching each of her novels to production houses such as Disney Hotstar and Phantom Films. She has also written screenplays for web series for major OTT platforms. Neha Lamba Grover, another co-founder, previously worked with Star TV and is currently working with HCL Technologies in their media telecommunications business in the United States. His extensive network and expertise in the field of audiovisual content production boosted the work of the platform in its initial phase. The team is complemented by AK Srikanth whose experience in building sustainable businesses from start-ups across multiple industries and geographies makes him a valuable asset. One of his most successful projects was a creative arts start-up, where stories were interpreted through classical Indian dance forms.

At its core, Script A Hit is a middleman that connects people who have great ideas but lack creative skills with those who have talent but need extra work. Interested parties submit a detailed synopsis of their idea on the website. If the idea is accepted, the team signs a legal contract with the person in question, who receives an amount of Rs 25,000 in return. Professional writers chosen to suit particular genres articulate these ideas into full-fledged manuscripts which are then submitted to reputable publishers. Since the written word carries less weight than visual media in today’s era, some manuscripts are also offered simultaneously to audiovisual content producers.

How do they decide which way to go? Grover responds, “We believe that a good story should first be written in book form and then made into a movie or web series. This allows for detailed plot development and character building. So the first step is to convert the idea into a book. In these competitive times, we believe that stories from books published by reputable publishers have a competitive advantage over screenplays and are preferred by OTT content producers.

Whatever the medium, the goal is to bring these stories to market. A portion of the royalties received from the publisher or content producer upon a successful conversion goes to the person who submitted the original idea, who also receives creative credit for the final product. The Script A Hit team believes that content is now consumed faster than it is produced due to pandemic-induced behavioral change in audience and readership. This is evident from the platform which received over 200 idea submissions in the few months since its launch. Three publication offers have been made so far, with many more in the pipeline.

The most unique story received so far was from a 17-year-old boy. Submissions poured in from as far away as Canada and Australia. “We received ideas in a wide variety of genres, from romance and crime to social drama and fantasy fiction. These came from all over India and abroad, from different age groups as well as different professional and social backgrounds. This clearly shows that the concept of Script A Hit appeals to audiences of all ages. It is truly exhilarating to see the untapped creativity that exists! Udayasankar beams. People have always had stories to tell, and Script A Hit gives them a spokesperson to tell them with.

How it works

✥ People can submit a synopsis of their idea at
✥ The best ideas are selected by the internal team and paired with a writer whose expertise lies in that particular genre
✥ A contract is signed with the person who submitted the idea, who receives `25,000 as an initial signing bonus
✥ Once the manuscript is ready, it is offered to renowned publishers to be converted into a book or to content producers as a script for films or web series
✥ If the manuscript is chosen for publication or production, the person who submitted the original idea receives a portion of the royalties earned and creative credit for the story


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