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Opened last June Chenot Palace Weggis is the new leading health and wellness destination of the Chenot brand worldwide. Located on the idyllic shores of Lake Lucerne in the heart of Switzerland, just 45 minutes by car from Zurich. The flagship offers stunning views over the Alps and private access to the beach. Chenot Palace Weggis curates tailor-made programs and treatments to detoxify, energize and revitalize your body and mind, whatever the season.

Designed by Swiss architect Davide Macullo, the preventive and regenerative care home combines traditional and contemporary design and architectural engineering. The carefully renovated former Park Hotel Weggis has been expanded to include a new, state-of-the-art medical spa covering 5,000 square meters. A contemporary building in perfect harmony with the old, nothing has been added. The aim was to preserve the Swiss heritage. spectacular .

Discover 20,000 square meters of total immersion of the senses and discover a 360-degree approach that includes the latest medical treatments and diagnostics. This temple of well-being overlooks Lake Lucerne and the peaks of Rigi and Pilatus. A peaceful and exceptional environment. The 97 hotel rooms and suites offer the best in luxury high-rise living with balconies or terraces. With wooden floors and pastel tones, the rooms and suites have been designed to contribute to beneficial moments of relaxation and regeneration to match the treatments. Experience Chenot bedrooms, scientifically optimized to provide longer, deeper sleep. From design and architecture to acoustics, lighting and bedding, every detail has been designed to enhance relaxation and performance.

What awaits you during your stay?

A team of medical experts wonderfully dedicated to your personal needs and cared for by the friendliest people dr George Gaitanos, Chief Operating and Scientific Officer. “We are extremely proud of our flagship hotel in Weggis, hard work, scientific research and dedication to perfecting the Chenot Method allow us to offer our guests a complete lifestyle reset.” instructed Dr. Gaitanos pointed out. “At Chenot we don’t treat diseases, we treat wellness” he added.

The Chenot Method was founded by Henri Chenot. Known for his revolutionary approach to healthcare, he opened his first center in Cannes in 1974. His understanding of wellness led him to develop his concept of Biontology (the science of life) and the Chenot Method. The method is based on a powerful, effective and customized series of protocols, treatments and diets developed by medical experts for almost 50 years.

After a week at Chenot Palace Weggis, your body and mind will be completely regenerated. Your body is switched off on arrival and switched on again on departure. Your mental and physical performance will be unlocked. You will sleep better and deeper, feel cleaner, and be revitalized and energized.

Whichever program you choose: Advanced Detox, Recovery and Energizing Program, or Prevention and Aging Well Program, you’ll begin with in-depth medical and nutritional counseling and a tailored diagnosis. The aim is to understand the current health status of each guest in order to tailor the program. To achieve this, Chenot Lifestyle measures your biomarkers and the results guide your diet and treatments for the week ahead.

Of course, eat the Chenot diet in the restaurant and tea lounge in an enchanting and pure decor. Slip into your bathrobe for breakfast and lunch, and get dressed for dinner. The nutrition plan should support detoxification processes, stimulate your metabolic performance and promote breathing mechanisms. Switch naturally from caffeine to many herbal and organic green blends and teas. The meals – very tasty and aromatic – are reduced in calories, but definitely without malnutrition. And again tailored to your program.

highlight treatments.

The center has six departments, all interconnected and part of the experience. During your personal experience, a continuous synergy is monitored through all departments.

In the medical department, your doctors prescribe a variety of treatments. One of them is ozone therapy, which helps to strengthen your immune system and the body’s defense mechanisms. To combat fatigue and detoxify, your own blood is enriched with medical grade ozone, which is then returned to your body. Another great treatment is the hydrocolon treatment, which helps flush out impurities and toxins from the colon to boost energy levels.

Every day your body will be stimulated with an incredible hydrotherapy circuit. In the hydrotherapy department, a warm hydro-aromatherapy bath with essential oils, followed by a phytomud and hydrojet treatment, restores fluid circulation in your body, purifying and toning your skin. A pure moment of deep relaxation.

In the aesthetic department, the Chenot Energetic Massage will relieve and clear the flow of energy in your meridians. Your body will be completely supplied with new energy. Another highlight at Chenot are the skin care products – a combination of anti-aging high-performance cream and boosters – which you can experience naturally through a variety of facial treatments. The must-have, the Chenot purifying detox facial that detoxifies and restructures your epidermis. Your skin will be cleansed, smoothed and refreshed!

Get the Stress Test with HVR biofeedback training in the Human Performance department, in addition to a very large selection of treatments and tests. It will give you a lot of information about how your body reacts to the different causes of stress. You can identify your needs and the steps you need to take towards a healthier life. Posture and movement assessment and cardiorespiratory fitness assessment are also very informative. Very useful to help your body improve your health, fitness level and weight loss if needed. Don’t miss the whole body cryotherapy treatment at -110°. It relieves pain, makes your skin glow and helps rest and improve sleep. Maximum refreshment for the best wellness enjoyment!

The state-of-the-art fitness facility includes a magnificent 21-meter indoor pool, an altitude chamber, and anti-gravity technologies.

The promise of a harmonious balance between body, mind and soul is certified. It’s impossible to leave Chenot Weggis without a full reset. An unusual and exclusive health experience in the heart of Switzerland.


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