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Random Games, the minds behind the Universe franchise, announced a partnership with independent sci-fi and horror company Hex Publishers. to create a Unioverse-related fiction anthology of shorts
stories and poetry, as well as a series of comic strips. 26 authors will write and contribute to a new gaming-related anthology series titled Stories of the Reconvergencein which each story will feature its own original Universe illustration created by the concept artist Stuart Jennett (Battlestar Galactica, Star Citizen, Warhammer), and will have a cover of Aaron Lovett (Cyber ​​World, Inkbound, Monster Train). Each story will be independent but linked to a larger thread, with all set to be published in the summer of 2023. We have more information on the deal below.

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Stories of the Reconvergenceedited by Angie Hodapp and Joshua Violawill feature short stories and poetry set in and inspired by the Universe from some of today’s most popular genre fiction writers, including:

  • Stephen Graham JonesNew York Times bestseller, Bram Stoker Prize winner, Ray Bradbury Prize winner (Earthdivers, my heart is a chainsaw, the only good Indians)
  • Linda D. AddisonBram Stoker Award winner, Horror Writers Association (HWA) Lifetime Achievement Award winner (Black Panther: Tales of Wakanda, Classic Monsters Unleashed, Predator: Eyes of the Demon)
  • Kevin J.AndersonNational and international bestseller (Dune, Dragon’s Spine, Star Wars, X-Files, Zombie PI)

In addition to the anthology, Hex is leading the creation of a series of six comics that feature the first five Universe heroes that people can play as Universe video games. The series is written by Hex Publishers founder and Colorado Book Award winner Joshua Viola and Angie Hodapp, with interior art by Ben Matsuya (Cryowulf, Jupiter Jet), cover art by AJ Nazzaro (Hearthstone, Overwatch), and a variant cover by Tyler Kirkham (DC, Marvel). The first comic strip, titled Universe: Reyuwill be available digitally in spring 2023.

“A franchise as ambitious as the Universe is ripe for cross-platform storytelling,” said Joshua Violafounder of Hex Publishers and publisher and writer on the Universe anthology and comics. “The anthology will deepen the tradition of Universe and open it up to diverse storytelling, while the comics offer rich art and a perfect starting point for fans who are just beginning their
Universe journey.”

“This anthology and comic book series is just the beginning for Universe storytelling,” said Tony Harman, co-founder and CEO of Random Games. “Not only will we be developing more stories with established authors and artists, but Universe platform will help us discover and promote the next generation of talent.”

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