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Sony has dominated Hot 100 Songs for seven quarters of the nine-quarter history of the chart and held a stake in 59 songs with a 23.56% market share (down from 54 songs but down from 24.13% of the previous quarter). He placed second with 20.69% on Top Radio Airplay with 55 songs, including “Go Crazy” by Chris Brown and Young Thug (# 2).

The advance of UMPG’s Top Radio Airplay reflects the increase in its market share (22.59%, compared to 20.56%) with 55 songs (out of 58), including “34 + 35” by Ariana Grande ( 5th row). On Hot 100 Songs, where the publisher ranked second, it gained 22.64% market share with 58 songs (vs. 20.29% and 50 songs), including “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd ( n ° 2).

The market share calculations on both graphs could change – but not enough to change the rankings – as Sony and UMPG dispute the shares that Harry Fox agency assigned to Brown and Young Thug’s “Go Crazy”. The publishers of the authors of this song have claimed over 100%, and when that happens, HFA allocates a proportional share to each publisher until the issue is resolved. If Sony and UMPG own stakes in the songs they claim, contrary to what HFA has attributed, their shares could increase by 40 to 70 basis points, although it is not clear which publishers would lose shares.

On Hot 100 Songs and Top Radio Airplay, rankings three to five remained the same as the previous quarter: Kobalt, Warner Chappell Music and BMG.

Kobalt’s market share rebounded on both charts, reaching an 18.26% market share on Top Radio Airplay, with 48 songs (from 16.79% with 44 songs) and a 16.99% share of marketed on Hot 100 Songs, with 42 (down 15.27% with 39 songs).

Warner Chappell also increased its market share on both charts (for the second consecutive quarter), reaching 16.05% of the market. share and 55 songs on Top Radio Airplay (from 15.15% and 49 songs), including “Go Crazy”. On Hot 100 Songs, the publisher reached 16.97% market share with 53 songs (compared to 14.82% and 40 songs), including “Blinding Lights”. Warner Chappell leads the Country Airplay rankings for the 17th consecutive quarter, with a market share of 26.12%.

BMG stumbled on both charts, falling to a 7.74% market share with 25 songs on Top Radio Airplay (from 8.22% and 30) and to a 6.46% market share with 21 songs on Hot 100 Songs of 7.61% and 27).

On Top Radio Airplay, Round Hill Music came in sixth with 2.41% market share and eight songs, including “What’s Your Country Song” by Thomas Rhett (# 26); Seventh tank with 1.55% market share and nine songs, including “Go Crazy”; Pulse Music Group eighth with 1.50% market share and seven songs, including “What You Know Bout Love” by Pop Smoke (# 13); Big Machine Music ninth with 1.11% market share and four songs, including “Better Together” by Luke Combs (# 22); and Downtown Music Publishing – which sold the copyright to the song it owned to Concord from April 26-10 with 0.92% market share and seven songs, including Ava Max’s “Kings & Queens” (n ° 16).

On Hot 100 Songs, Round Hill Music ranked sixth with 2.54% market share and 10 songs, including “What’s Your Country Song” (# 39); Seventh tank with 1.08% market share and seven songs, including “34 + 35”; the eighth Big Deal / Words & Music owned by Hipgnosis with 1.05% market share and three songs, including “Buss It” by Erica Banks (# 56); and Big Machine Music ninth with 1.01% market share and three songs, including “Better Together” by Luke Combs (# 20). ST Music, also known as Songtrust, debuted in the publisher’s chart at No. 10 with a 0.71% market share and five songs, including Pop Smoke’s “For the Night” (featuring Lil Baby and DaBaby), song # 9 on the chart.


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