Publishers conference discusses future of Arab publishing industry


The Committee on Literature, Publishing and Translation launched the Riyadh Front Publishers Conference on Monday, as part of the activities of the Riyadh International Book Fair (RIBF) 2021.

Local, regional and global personalities, as well as specialist organizations, representatives and investors from the publishing industry took part in the event to discuss the future of the publishing industry.

The two-day conference includes workshops and dialogue sessions presented by major Arab publishing houses and leaders in the book industry.

They will cover current public sector challenges and opportunities to benefit from the digital revolution, as well as ways to preserve the intellectual property rights of writers and publishers.

The Commission organized the conference with the aim of organizing the publishing industry in the kingdom and throughout the Arab world and improving the industry to meet international standards.

This conference is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia. It seeks to study the reality of the publishing industry in the Arab world and develop it to achieve internationally competitive levels.

Twelve dialogue sessions will take place, and 42 speakers from the kingdom and the world will participate in the event. They will discuss various aspects of the reality of the local and regional publishing industry and ways to fill its gaps in order to develop it and raise the level of its contributions to Arab cultural development.

He further seeks to reformulate the future of the publishing industry in the region.

Leading publishers from around the world and leaders in the book industry will organize workshops, with the active participation of international publishing associations.

The event is seen as a starting point towards the development and strengthening of the publishing sector at local and regional levels.

It offers the best opportunity to build and strengthen links between publishers at the local, Arab and international levels.


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