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The President of the Ghana Writers’ Association (GAW), Mr. Francis Gbormittah, challenged Ghanaian creative writers to produce books that could change the course of the country’s development.

He was of the opinion that good books should be produced as reading such documents has the potential to change the course of Ghana’s development, adding that it will change the sense of hopelessness that has plagued our people, especially the less privileged. .

He made the remarks during the first graduation ceremony and launch of the 2021 Ghanaian Writers Marathon class at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly conference hall in Accra on Saturday, August 7, 2021.

The theme of the event was “Achieving, Maintaining and Maintaining a Literary Ecosystem in Ghana”.

Mr Gbormittah blamed the unavailability of creative writers capable of influencing the country’s policies as a serious setback that must concern all people, especially literary compatriots.

For him, literary creation must be considered as a component and a major partner in generating national cohesion and development.

He also lamented the attitude of publishers who are mostly only interested in publishing textbooks compared to other creative writing media and said this was one of the main setbacks for professionals in the field of writing.

The president of GAW, therefore, begged the Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture not to focus only on tourism, but also to embrace other creative arts groups such as the creative writers and provide them with the necessary support through the formulation of policies such as the National Reading Policy. in all sectors to improve the fortunes of players in the creative arts industry.

Mr. Prince Mensah, Managing Director of the Marathon Group of Ghanaian Writers, explained the reasoning behind the use of the word ‘marathon’, which he said represents speed, endurance and strength which explains the act of to write.

“The Ghana Writers Marathon is the brainchild of a Ghanaian-American writer who has garnered the support of friends in literacy circles, launched this initiative at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic to give back to society this that he learned as an African designer living in the United States of America, ”he said

For its part, although the pandemic has locked many people inside, the Marathon class of Ghanaian writers did not waste it but set about achieving its goals and objectives and in doing so raised twelve ( 12), including eleven (11) males and Alberta Zormelo the only female.

Mr Mensah urged the public to research their manuscript which will flood the Ghanaian market and advised Ghanaians and readers to patronize theirs and learn from the publications, values ​​and cultures that remain relevant in these times to appreciate their culture as well as to strengthen their self-image.

The CEO of Erratic Truths, a non-governmental organization promoting women’s empowerment and also a sponsor of the Ghanaian Writers’ Marathon, congratulated the graduates and also urged companies to support these noble initiatives to support the growth of youth. for a better future which is solely up to them.


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