OPEC’s production increase may be too low


It’s Friday – Phil Rosen here. I’m happy to report we’re into the weekend, but that doesn’t mean relief for global energy markets.

Crude oil prices continue to show


and the big OPEC move may not be big enough to fill the supply gap.

Here we are.

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Russian oil

Russian oil production fell from February to mid-May, according to Bloomberg figures.

photo alliance/Getty Images

1. OPEC+ announced a sharp increase in oil production on Thursday. Even if larger than expected, the increase of 648,000 barrels per day may not be enough to compensate for the Russian barrels missing from the global market, according to the CEO of Hess.

The release comes as crude oil inventories in the United States have fallen, with EIA data showing current inventories are around 15% below the five-year average for this time of year.

Still, the OPEC+ announcement clears the way for Saudi Arabia to ramp up oil production to try to fill Russia’s absence from the market. As concerns grow over a severe supply shortage, sources have told the Financial Times that the Kingdom is ready to pump in more crude.

Saudi Arabia aware of risks in oil marketsand “it is not in their interest to lose control of oil prices,” a source told the FT.

With China potentially easing COVID lockdowns, questionable Russian production and soaring US gas prices, the White House faces a complex task.

And, closer to home, consumers are still wondering why gas prices continue to rise even at a time when crude oil is falling from record highs.

(You can hear me talk about oil and OPEC+ today on Insider’s The Refresh.)

In other news:

Microsoft Security

A security surveillance camera is seen near the Microsoft office building in Beijing on July 20

Associated Press/Andy Wong

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Owned and securitized revolving consumer credit

Madison Hoff / Insider

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