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The online magazine advertises essay contests in all genres; details mentioned below. Also seeks joint ventures / collaborations with publishing houses and media.

LONDON, UK, July 27, 2021 / – The online magazine, an initiative of Lam Aid Ltd. to encourage, explore and showcase the natural talent or writing talent hidden in amateur writers, was created with writers in mind who are particularly gifted with the talent of creating something worthwhile and we are trying to promoting this platform just to put these hidden talents in the limelight and to help them be recognized and made known to the world. If someone is passionate and creative about writing, then Online Magazine is one of the best platforms to provide them with a way to stand out, write and reach their audience.

a) Absolutely free and very easy to use.
b) Multilingual interface (English, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Arabic and Chinese)
c) A global platform to nurture, showcase and showcase the talent of writers.
d) Eye-catching content can grab the attention of publishers around the world.
e) An opportunity to express and say what you think. Be rewarded for your creation as it can be chosen by publishers and can be published as a book or even can be selected by media such as TVs, magazines, newspapers, movies, etc. for their use and production.
f) Global accreditation and recognition.

The online magazine is pleased to announce separate ongoing essay contests on COVID Impact, Miracle, Tragedy, Your Success Story, Heartfelt Incident, Memorable Moment, Confession, Share Your Secret, Travel , history, cuisine, poetry, health and beauty, suspense / Mystery, Addiction, Drama and Romance / Relations.

The characteristics of the competitions are as follows:
1. The essay must be at least 300 words; articulate, original and without plagiarism
2. The writing can be in English, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu or Arabic.
3. A small cash prize of $ 14.99 plus a “Certificate of Appreciation” will be awarded to the winner.

The online magazine invites the interests of established or potential publishers to enter into collaborations / joint ventures with us.

What’s in it, for publishers / media / entertainment / production houses?
1. Access to a huge database of a large number of amateur but talented writers around the world.
2. Access to a large database of featured content, to be chosen from various genres and from around the world.
3. Can claim exclusive rights to their content, manuscripts, etc. for the purpose of publishing, producing films / films, etc., on mutual consent and understanding by entering into an agreement with us.
4. There is countless amount of eye-catching, extraordinary, groundbreaking and impactful content that can be used to convey strong messages.
5. Content in multiple languages ​​(English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and Bengali) to choose from.
6. We invite all publishing / media houses to browse our exclusive content as well as publish their already published content to massively reach all nooks and crannies of the globe.
7. Publishing / media / entertainment / production houses can also opt for online magazine, as a platform to place their banner ads at very minimal cost as it is a global platform and , therefore, the reach and publicity / promotion would be maximum, worldwide, compared to that of the localized platform.

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