NFVCB warns content producers against uncensored online content


NNN: The National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) on Thursday warned Nigerian content producers to refrain from feeding Google, Youtube, Amazon and other online platforms with uncensored content.

The NFVCB Executive Secretary, Alhaji Adedayo Thomas said so during the first edition of the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN) conference, held at the Filmhouse Cinema, Victoria Island, Lagos.

He noted that content producers spreading uncensored content on online platforms were suspected to be producers who had not registered with recognized associations in the country.

He said they should show some respect for the laws governing film production and distribution in the country.

According to him, feeding various internet platforms with uncensored content has continued to affect Nigeria’s cultural values ​​and children who stumble over them unconsciously.

He said the financial benefits should not only be considered in their relationships, but also in the moral development of the children and young people who are the future leaders.

“We are concerned with maintaining our cultural and moral values, we must be aware of the multiplier effect of presenting obscene content on Google, Amazon and others.

“I call on content producers who have a habit of distributing obscene content to google, amazon and all to refrain,” he said.

Thomas appreciated Netflix for working with the board to ensure content released in the public domain on its platform was censored.

According to him, NFVCB is working unanimously with the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture to see how the circulation of such negative content can be regulated.

He said the council had not rested on its oars in monitoring and assessing the entire industry as arrests were still being made and seizures of films with obscene videos and language. waves.

He said the Ghana Film Authority has informed the nation of its decision not to allow filmmakers to shoot films in Ghana without seeking permission.

Earlier, Mr. Patrick Lee, the outgoing National Chairman of CEAN, spoke about the need to engage the government more to benefit from incentives.



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