NCS helps food production and urges importers to adopt e-assessment system

IMPR’s Yushau Shuaib with Nigerian Customs Service Spokesperson, Assistant Comptroller Timi Bomodi


The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) is contributing to Nigeria’s self-sufficiency in food production by urging importers to adopt the new electronic assessment for the clearance of goods in the country.

Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) spokesperson, Assistant Comptroller Timi Bomodi, made the revelation during a familiarization visit to the headquarters of Image Merchants Promotion Limited (IMPR), publishers of PRNigeria, Economic Confidential, Politics Digest , Tech Digest, Emergency Digest. and other titles.

He said Nigeria was making massive progress in its attempt to achieve self-sufficiency in local food production due to the diligent implementation of the rice import ban and the old shutdown order. borders by the officers and men of the Service.

“Every rice smuggler you checkmate creates opportunities for local farmers. People would buy local rice and it would help the country stand on its own and it would strengthen the food security in the country.

IMPR staff with NCS representatives
IMPR staff with NCS representatives

“Many countries that depend on Ukraine for wheat have been rendered powerless by the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. That’s why it’s good that we cultivate to feed ourselves and avoid being blocked one day.

Speaking on the recently introduced Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) assessment system, Bomodi said the policy will drive seamless automation, simplification, harmonization and transparency in the assessment of vehicles entering the country by the borders.

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According to him, the e-assessment policy would allow importers to automatically generate tariffs to enable quick and easy assessments needed to process duty payments. It would also expedite the release of goods out of customs control as soon as possible.

“VIN-Valuation is an innovation designed to harmonize and make the system transparent by using artificial intelligence (AI) to gather business data representing a range of consistent values ​​for each car make and model using VIN,” it said. -he declares.

Yushau Shuaib with NCS representatives
Yushau Shuaib with NCS representatives

Bomodi, who returned to the post about a month ago, urged agents and importers to embrace the policy. He also called on Nigerians to support the NCS in its determination to sanitize the country’s borders and create opportunities for nationals to boost the local economy.

IMPR Managing Director, Mallam Yushau Shuaib expressed his delight at the visit saying, “PRNigeria and other IMPR publications are always ready to make a difference and partner with stakeholders to provide quality information that is healthy for the overall development of the nation.”


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