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This three-hour MasterClass from the Mobile Game Doctor marketing team explains how to think about, organize and manage a user acquisition program, including setting and understanding goals, organizing an acquisition campaign users and the creation and supervision of creative production and optimization.

The main points to remember include:

  • Define marketing objectives and translate them into measurable metrics / KPIs
  • Learn the key elements, processes and marketing tools for mobile games
  • Key resources, terms, tools and techniques for user acquisition / performance marketing campaigns and how to implement and evaluate them
  • How to select and communicate with creative teams and build a creative pipeline for ads
  • How to perform UA / Creative testing, draw actionable conclusions, and improve performance based on results

TARGET AUDIENCE: This MasterClass assumes that participants have experience developing / producing mobile games with little or no experience with Marketing / UA – including those who need to hire, work with, or manage Marketing / UA professionals who need to better understand the discipline.

Participants may include those looking to start creating a performance marketing program or correcting an existing marketing program in its infancy, as well as those who wish to develop a basic understanding of the fundamentals of marketing for mobile games so that they can ‘they can communicate effectively with a marketing team.

This course would be particularly useful for managers wishing to create a marketing program or to gain a better understanding of their company’s marketing program, or for startup owners taking a DIY approach to marketing who are looking for tips on getting started.

Meet the mentors
The Mobile Game Doctor (MGD) marketing team specializes in marketing assistance to game developers and publishers who are struggling to set up scalable and effective marketing campaigns. We’re focused on building a strong creative production and testing pipeline, backed by robust channel and campaign exploration that allows developers to grow with confidence. No UA tips here, just great marketing fundamentals that are true to the spirit and function of the game, and a lot of collaboration and cooperation with the product teams to establish an upward growth spiral.

David Nixon is the CEO of MGD. He’s been an industry veteran for over 30 years with experience in game design, project management, strategic operations, publishing, portfolio management and live operations. He was one of the founding members of the Real Arcade team and helped establish the casual games industry as the head of global publishing for Real Arcade and then for Oberon Media. David produced nineteen of the launch products for the original Xbox Live Arcade service, which pioneered the digital distribution of console games. He most recently served as Senior Product Manager, then Vice President of Publishing for Wooga GmbH and Director of Operations for Lockwood Publishing.

James Dimento has been working in the acquisition and growth of mobile users since 2014. He has experience on a wide range of gaming and non-gaming products, including the well-known brands Zillow and Rosetta Stone. James was the first member of Disruptor Beam’s user acquisition team and helped grow its portfolio of licensed games based on properties such as Game of Thrones, Star Trek, and The Walking Dead. He recently joined Game Taco to lead user acquisition for their recently acquired skill game product, WorldWinner.

Mike Kanarek is MGD’s Marketing Director. Mike has worked in product marketing for online, console and mobile games for over 10 years. He holds an MBA from Babson College with a focus on Marketing. Mike has put together teams for multi-million dollar projects and worked as one team to bring indie games to a thrilled audience. Some of the works he’s most proud of include Rock Band 3, Dance Central 2, Dungeons and Dragons Online, The Walking Dead: March to War, and Flippfly’s Race The Sun. Mike focuses on connecting the creative and branding aspects of marketing with data-driven decision making.

Content distribution
The role of marketing – presented by CEO David Nixon covers marketing at large, focusing on understanding your customers in order to build the most effective marketing program for your games. This section will broaden your view of the needs and wants of your customers and provide a framework for you to assess the marketing approaches on which the following two sections will build.

AU objectives, diagnosis and preparation – presented by James DiMento, will explain how to operationalize your marketing know-how into sustainable and scalable user acquisition, with a focus on tactics for f2p mobile games. You will learn what you need to get started, what are the main tools and platforms, and how to interpret the results of your campaigns.

Creative planning and production pipeline – presented by Mike Kanarek, will cover the process of transforming audience information into sub-audience profiles and targets, developing effective value propositions and messages, and integrating these fundamentals into a robust production pipeline and adaptable for advertisements. This section will also teach you assessment and artist communication tools to help you save time and money while achieving better results.

Teaching format

Part 1:

  • Presentation conference (20 min)
  • Group activity (20 min)
  • Comments and reviews (20 minutes)

Part 2:

  • Presentation conference (20 min)
  • Group activity (20 min)
  • Comments and reviews (20 minutes)

Part 3:

  • Presentation conference (20 min)
  • Group activity (20 min)
  • Comments and reviews (20 minutes)

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Remember, we have some great multi-booking discount offers …

  • 3 for 2: book three MasterClasses for the price of two!
  • Corporate discount: tailored offers available for large groups and / or multiple MasterClass sessions (please email to discuss discounts)

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