James Patterson says white writers face ‘another form of racism’


James Patterson, whose popular books have made him a staple on USA TODAY’s best-selling books list for years, reflects on his long career as a writer — and how he thinks white men have to struggling lately to get hired in the entertainment industry.

Speaking to The Sunday Times in an interview published over the weekend, Patterson lamented that white men are struggling to find writing jobs in the film, theatre, TV and publishing industries like “just another form of racism”.

“What is this all about?” He continued. “Can you get a job? Yes. Is it harder? Yes. It’s even harder for older writers. You don’t meet a lot of 52-year-old white men.”

The 75-year-old author also faced outcry over Woody Allen’s 2020 memoir, which was pulled from publisher Hatchette Book Group after employees walked off the job in protest. Less than a month later, the memoir found a new home and was published by Arcade Publishing.

“The decision to cancel Mr. Allen’s book was a difficult one. At HBG, we take our relationships with authors very seriously and do not cancel books lightly. We have published and will continue to publish many books stimulants,” said Sophie Cottrell, spokesperson. for Hatchette said in a statement emailed to USA TODAY at the time. “As publishers, we ensure every day in our work that different voices and conflicting points of view can be heard.”

“I hated it,” Patterson said of the publishing house that released Allen’s book. “He has the right to tell his own story.”

He added: “I’m almost always on the side of free speech.”

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Patterson also reflected on one of his early hits, the “Alex Cross” series, which features the titular police detective as he protects his family and the people of Washington, D.C. Morgan Freeman starred in the 2001 film adaptation.

“I just wanted to create a character that happened to be black,” Patterson said. “I wouldn’t have tried to write a serious saga about a black family. It’s different in a crime novel because the plot is very important.”

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Patterson has written over 300 books, including recent collaborations with Bill Clinton and Dolly Parton. Now he’s promoting “James Patterson: Stories of My Life,” a memoir about how he went “from a small-town New York boy (to) becoming the most successful writer in the world.” world”.

“I was motivated early on because I really believed that my parents wouldn’t love me so much if I didn’t succeed,” he added. “I don’t think I’m the same person now. I believe that I am lovable. I think I’m a decent person.


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