HarperCollins Publishers India announces publication of ‘It’s Your Baby’ by Dr Saroja Balan


An indispensable book by a renowned pediatrician and neonatologist from Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, delhi.

It’s your baby’ is written specifically for Indian parents. It answers frequently asked questions, offers solutions, helps to understand things-and says when you need to see a doctor. It covers the basics like sleep and breastfeeding and includes essential, up-to-date information on vaccines and Covid 19.

NEW DELHI, January 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Author and Neonatologist Doctor Saroja Balan noted, “My own experience of raising a child with no family support, and only my Nelson Textbook of Paediatrics for company, made me realize that young parents today would benefit greatly from having a calculator ready. And yet, how was I going to integrate all that I had learned during my 34 years of medical practice? This book has been written with as little medical jargon as possible, to help answer the most asked questions that come to me. The book includes charts, shopping lists, travel tips and red flags. It aims to make parenting easy and joyful, while letting parents know when they need to see a doctor urgently.”

Diya Kar, editor of HarperCollins India, said: “When I had a baby, I wanted a book that told me what to expect: sleepless nights, latch issues, well-meaning grandmothers and their advice… It’s that book. Dr. Balan tells it like it. Her pragmatic yet compassionate approach makes her the best pediatrician ever. And I love her desi recipes.

About the book

Becoming a parent can be both terrifying and exciting. One will have a million questions, from how to prepare for birth to how to feed baby, what to expect in terms of growth and what vaccinations the baby needs. Everything can be overwhelming. “Helpful tips” often end up confusing, and the internet can be a source of panic.

During her thirty years of practice, pediatrician Dr. Saroja Balan met thousands of parents and found herself answering the same questions. Although she believes that parenting is all about learning on the job, she knows that a little help can go a long way. Written specifically for Indian parents, ‘It’s your baby’ is the best support to accompany his journey.

It is intended to help a know when a the child should see a doctor and when a can handle things on their own. Covering the basics such as sleep, breastfeeding and common ailments, it also includes all a needs to know about screen time, childhood obesity, pollution, and parenting styles, helping navigate the first two years of parenthood. Dr. Balan’s reassuring and pragmatic approach makes this the essential guide to a safe, healthy child – and a more confident child. you!

Praise for It’s your baby

“I started reading the book and just couldn’t stop. It’s a comprehensive book for today’s parents – it has everything they need to know – for them to learn from an experienced pediatrician rather than internet blogs! Till date, we do not have such a comprehensive book which is written keeping in mind the Indian urban context. Pediatricians starting their practice will also benefit immensely , because it contains all the answers to common questions for parents in an easy way. Doctor Arun Wadhwa, Pediatrician.

“This is a must-read and a must-have for parents-to-be, new parents, and for students and practitioners of pediatrics. What shines through is Dr. by Saroja Balan tremendous insight and empathy that made her the go-to pediatrician, empowering generations of parents.” – Raj Kamal Jha, Rain’s father.

“Dr. Balan’s extensive clinical experience, common sense and candor have come to the rescue of many of us as we struggled with parenthood. With this work, she is doing what Dr. Spock did for post-war America – bringing solid advice to your bedside so distant grandparents can get a good night’s rest, while sharing delicious homemade recipes!” – Gopal Sankaranarayanan, the father of Anika, Ameya and Arjun

“Written in a conversational style, It’s your baby is an invaluable resource for new parents. Doctor Saroja Balan held my hand and taught me how to take care of my baby when I became a mother. This book offers equal access to his expert, practical and pragmatic advice on the day-to-day issues and challenges of parenthood, especially in the Indian context.” – Shivani Sibal, the mother of Anina and Anisha.

“Dr. Balan is the best! In this book, just as she does for her patients in her practice, she reminds us that a healthy baby has happy and confident parents. Dr. Balan anticipates and assuages ​​the most tips for new parents, giving practical tips and suggestions based on decades of experience. A must read!” – Devaki Nambiar, the mother of Kleio and Callie.

“Dr. Balan’s accurate diagnosis of every health issue my children have faced, from infancy through adolescence, makes me believe she has a special gift as a doctor. Our children’s connection to her lasted longer than their childhood, which is rare and precious. This book captures the richness of Dr. Balan’s experience and her accurate retelling of simple to complicated childhood ailments. I only wish she had written this book 18 years ago when I was a newly created parent. Manisha Natarajan, the mother of Riva and Siddharth.

“In an age of information overload, Dr. Balan cuts through the noise to create this unique guide – simple, filtered and authoritative.” – Anjali and Pranab Dhal Samanta, Divena’s parents.

“Dr. Balan is that rare doctor: the perfect combination of technical genius and parent-friendly pragmatism. We were incredibly lucky to have his advice – and now everyone can too, with this book!” Sapna Desai, epidemiologist.

“I have to congratulate Dr. Saroja Balan for writing such a readable and informative book. The experience of so many years and the wisdom gained over the years of treating babies and children is evident when reading the book. What to expect during childbirth, possible problems in the neonatal period, newborn care, vaccinations, normal growth and development as well as common and less common problems are explained. If a parent has a question, the answer is right there in the book. Each question is answered simply and with great clarity. There’s a solution to every problem you might face as a new parent. No need to follow the advice of “Dr Google”!”– Doctor Vidya Gupta, pediatric neonatologist.

About the Author

Doctor Saroja Balan is Senior Consultant Neonatologist at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, specializing in neonatal intensive care as well as pediatric outpatient practice. She is a graduate of Madras Medical College, trained in paediatrics and neonatology in the UK and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Glasgow. Dr. Balan consults as a pediatrician at BabyCenter, the essential online platform for new parents. She has written several articles in medical journals and publications.

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