Google says it’s hard to gauge if publishers and content producers are happy


Again, at the BrightonSEO conference, John Mueller was asked how they know if they are doing a good job of making publishers happy. Do they have metrics to determine if they are doing a good job. John Mueller said they were looking to make publishers happy, but the parameters behind that were complicated.

John said:

So our general idea is that we’d like to see webmasters, publishers, people who create content online, be happy with what they’re doing and be kind of happy with this deal that they have with Google. Where it’s like they allow us to crawl their content and we show it in search results, we send traffic to their websites. And sort of this general relationship in the ecosystem. And that in my opinion is something that is almost unmeasurable. So we come up with all kinds of crazy metrics to try to figure out how to measure how happy people are with Google across the entire content ecosystem. But I don’t really have any fancy metrics that I’m so confident in that I’d say that’s exactly how you do it.

Google therefore uses different metrics to try to determine the health and happiness of the ecosystem, but said there is no magic metric that Google can point to to determine this.

Here’s the video embedded when John said that at 3:19:

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