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There would be no music industry if there were no songwriters, and publishers are the critical piece of the puzzle that connects them to lucrative opportunities to get that music heard. In this episode of our video series The game planDive into the growing number of tools we offer to help you navigate and advance your career.

Songwriters Pages

An evolution of static song credits, Songwriters Pages are a way for collaborators, industry partners and fans to delve deeper into the creators behind some of their favorite songs. They are accessible from Song Credits on Spotify.

What Tayla Parxwho wrote songs with Ariana Grande, Janelle Monae and many others, I love having a songwriter page, it’s “the ability for my fans to connect with me in a different way, as a songwriter and not just as a than an artist. And it’s much easier to keep up to date with my latest stuff if you have everything in one place to access.

On the industry side, songwriter pages are also a powerful tool. “They’ve helped songwriters land recording and writing sessions,” says Ed Holland, publisher at BMG. “They help our sync department pitch to music supervisors. They’re also amazing marketing and promotional tools.

Written by Playlists

Each songwriter page is also accompanied by a Playlist Written by on Spotifywhich brings together all the songs from each songwriter or producer to provide a listening experience that showcases the diversity of their work for fans and the industry as a whole.

“It’s really nice to have all of these things in one place, because it just lets my fans get to know me better,” Parx says. “I’m able to send that when it comes to aligning with brands and different partners who maybe just need to know a little bit more.”

Spotify for editing

How can publishers identify streaming trends to target sync and collaboration opportunities for songwriters? There is a completely free tool for this: Spotify for editing “allows publishers to view analytics across their catalogs, see which playlists are driving engagement, view real-time trends, view data on a composition’s cover versions, and track daily broadcasts,” said Paris Kirk, who runs Spotify Songwriter Relations.


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