Foreign publishers acquire copyrights to Persian writers’ books


TEHRAN – Literary and translation agency Pol said on Tuesday that Georgian and Egyptian publishers had purchased the copyrights of Georgian and Arabic translations of two books by Persian writers.

Based on an agreement signed with Pol, a Tehran-based institution that translates Iranian books and presents Persian-language publications worldwide, “Church Bells Ringing” and “Mrs. Poet and Mr. Beethoven” will be translated and published in Georgian and Arabic.

The Academic Press of Georgia (APG) will publish Georgian editions of both books by the end of 2022.

APG is an independent Georgian press that focuses on publishing monographs, revised theses, primary sources and other books, including fiction and non-fiction literature, and children’s books with educational content .

The official Egyptian publishing house based in Cairo has only purchased the copyright of the Arabic edition of “Church Bells Ringing”.

Written by Ebrahim Hassanbeigi, the book for young adults tells the story of a script, which draws a priest to learn about Imam Ali (as), the first Imam of the Shia.

The story begins in a church, where a Tajik man offers to sell a manuscript to a priest who is interested in manuscript books. Parts of the manuscript, which dates back around 1400 years, relate to Amr ibn al-As, the Arab military commander who led the Muslim conquest of Egypt and, at the Battle of Siffin in 657, he fought for decide the succession to the caliphate, he sided with Muawiyah I, governor of Syria, against Imam Ali (AS).

The manuscript also contains information about the Imam’s other adversaries as well as his companions and the battles imposed on him.

The priest, who realized the value of the manuscript, is now curious to know more about Imam Ali (as).

Hassanbeigi is the author of “Muhammad(S)”, a novel for young adults about the Prophet of Islam which has been translated into several languages.

His credits also include “Two Captions for One Picture”, “The Rose on the Rug”, “Gisu and the Magic Lamp”, “Sufi and the Magic Lamp”, “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp” and “Mayor’s Excellency”.

“Mrs. Poet and Mr. Beethoven” by Mojgan Babamarandi consists of several short stories for young people, including “When do you comb my hair?”, “I am a crow who was upstaged by you” and “Mrs. Poet and the brave Mr. Beethoven”.

Photo: A combination photo shows the covers of the Persian books ‘Church Bells Ringing’ and ‘Mrs. Poet and Mr. Beethoven”.



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