Expect low production on Nintendo Switch units due to continued chip shortage


If you are thinking of buying a Nintendo Switch, be sure to get yours soon.

If you are planning to buy a Nintendo Switch, be sure to get yours early as the low production of Nintendo Switch units will continue until next year. due to the continued shortage of chips.

In a report from Nikkei Asia, Nintendo said it would only produce 24 million Nintendo Switch units than their previously planned target of 30 million units for the fiscal year ending March 2022. This also includes the productions of their latest OLED Switch and Switch. Lightweight models.

The popular handheld console uses semiconductors and other electronic parts. Unfortunately, there has been a growing shortage of semiconductors on the market since the COVID-19 pandemic that began last year. Not only are game consoles affected, but other industry sectors such as automobiles and household appliances are affected.

Nintendo of America recently announced the official closure of its two North American offices in Redwood City, California and Toronto, Canada. The company said it would relocate its employees to its satellite offices in Redmond, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition, the company’s senior vice president of sales and marketing Nick Chavez has also resigned. Devon Pritchard, its current Executive Vice President of Business and Publisher Relations, will assume leadership.

An estimate of 100 employees is moved due to the closure of the two offices. No further details were given on the fate of the displaced workers if they will be transferred to satellite offices or made redundant.

The Nintendo Switch has also paved the way for game developers and publishers to re-release previous popular titles to the delight of old and new fans alike. Popular games released for the Nintendo Switch are Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses, to only cite a few. The first version of the Nintendo Switch was released in 2017, selling 89.04 million units worldwide. The number of units sold has already surpassed its previous portable consoles (the 3DS, Game Boy Advance, DS, Wii, Game Boy), and it is the fourth best-selling console for the company.


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