Emirates News Agency – Authors and publishers praise EBF for boosting local cultural scene


SHARJAH, 24th April, 2022 (WAM) — Prominent Emirati publishers and writers have noted that the second edition of the Emirati Book Fair (EBF) in Sharjah is making notable progress in fostering the local cultural movement and providing readers with a – a unique opportunity to connect with the works of local publishers.

They also praised the event for providing established and emerging publishing professionals in the UAE with a dynamic platform to network, exchange ideas and expertise, and engage in key discussions on how to shape the future of Emirati publishing, both locally and globally.

Highlighting the value of the four-day event, local author Salha Obaid said, “The promotion and safeguarding of Emirati books and culture is at the heart of Sharjah’s cultural project, which has been growing and flourishing ever since. over 40 years. Since this second edition of the Emirati Book Fair is being held right after the global pandemic, its role in showcasing the talent and work of Emirati content creators to the public as well as industry professionals is more important than ever. ”

Concluding the testimony, Obaid praised the efforts of the organizer of the book fair, the Sharjah Book Authority (SBA), to strengthen the presence of Emirati books locally, regionally and internationally.

Emirati writer Nadia Al Najjar said the book fair offers visitors a unique insight into the state of the local book industry, adding, “The event is necessary because its characteristics differ from all other literary events. organized in the United Arab Emirates. the progress of the local cultural movement can be assessed as it attracts the participation of several local actors who bring not only their works but also practical ideas and opinions on the reality of the UAE publishing sector to the event.”

Afra Mahmoud, founding partner of Ghaf Publications, said: “As Emirati publishers, we have several opportunities to showcase our work at international book fairs. However, this book fair has a special status as it highlights the local publishing scene here in the UAE.”

Emirati poet Hassan Al Najjar said the book fair succeeded in spotlighting the country’s thriving creative scene by celebrating the works of renowned and emerging writers who continue to create value for the local cultural landscape.

A highlight for the Emirati poet in the book fair are the panel discussions, which he says were very informative and highlighted key topics and issues including translations and how the world views the cultural landscape Emirati today.


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