EMI Production Music becomes KPM Music


As one of the oldest and most universally respected library music companies, KPM is celebrated by the industry’s leading music supervisors and creators and sought after by renowned producers including Jay-Z, Drake , Gnarls Barkley and Fatboy Slim. Representing over 40 labels, the company is home to tracks in a wide range of genres, with a roster of award-winning composers and producers who have written # 1 hits for people like Shirley Bassey, Get confused, Lana del rey, Florida, among others.

Among the many achievements of the company, more recently, Hannah peel’s album Wave Fir was shortlisted for the Hyundai Mercury Award’s Album of the Year, marking the first time that a commercial album with its origins in a production music library has been nominated.

Russell Emmanuel, President and CEO, Sony Production Music said, “Professional music aficionados in the industry hold KPM Music in the highest regard. Through the heyday of televised-themed music, KPM set the bar that is still the model for many music libraries across Canada. high-end production today. It is with the utmost respect that we withdraw the name from EMI Production Music, and it is an honor and privilege to steer the ship into the future with the KPM brand as a leading figure. “

With a history of over sixty years, KPM is known to have created the original model of synchronized music. The company was born from that of London Denmark Street – the bustling home of producers, publishers and hitmakers. Originated from a partnership in 1830 between manufacturers of musical instruments Robert william keith and Guillaume Prows, the company started operating under the name KPM (Keith Prowse Maurice) in 1960 after merging with the music company Peter Maurice. In 1969, KPM joined EMI and was renamed EMI Production Music in 2011.

Throughout the 1960s, KPM provided some of the most famous themes in television history, from Wimbledon and tribune, Animal magic, Colline des Granges, and Brain to famous American classics such as Peoples Court and Monday night football. These revered pieces of pop culture are still treasured today, making household names for KPM songwriters including Keith mansfield, Alan hawkshaw, Brian Bennett and Syd dale, among others.

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