Ekurhuleni writers promote culture of book writing and selling – Germiston City News


Authors and aspiring writers gathered on June 18 to discuss how to stay relevant in the age of artificial intelligence and how to optimize digital platforms.

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The workshop was supported by the services of the city library.

Zukiswa Peters, the city’s library services manager, pointed out that libraries remain a cornerstone of community development and a safe haven for aspiring authors and writers, even in the age of online publishing platforms.

Peters also encouraged authors to continue writing books in indigenous languages ​​so they can reach a wider audience.

“The era of digital platforms has arrived and while it makes it easier for some to access reading material online, it deters others from accessing books due to the inaccessibility of data for many people.

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“Therefore, we encourage aspiring authors and writers to form community book clubs to instill the culture of reading and buying books,” Peters said.

Many authors in attendance took advantage of the event and successfully sold hard copies of their latest offerings to other readers and writers.


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