Editors and writers are still determining what the cover should look like: Noman



Al Noman

Emerging artist Al Noman said that the cover art in Bangladesh has yet to reach a certain height to gain the attention of the masses as the struggle for creative freedom continues as artists involved in the industry of publishing must meet the tastes of publishers and writers.

“Editors and writers often interfere with the creative cover design processes and often create pressure on the artist to complete a cover as soon as possible, often to the detriment of the aesthetics of the work.” , Al Noman told New Age.

“As most books are published in preparation for the Amar Ekushey Book Fair, cover artists generally face immense pressure from publishers and authors to come up with works of art as soon as possible.” , he added.

Noman also believes there is a cover artist crisis in the country. “An artist has to produce a lot of book covers in a short period of time and therefore the quality suffers,” he said.

“I produce book covers all year round. The cover of a book depends on the content that the author has produced. Most of the time, there are few opportunities to create something new. Meanwhile, as an artist, it’s also a challenge for me to find a visual equivalent of the written words, ”he said, adding:“ You also have to work hard to create new images.

He hastens to add: “The question remains, what is new? How to create something new by reusing existing images and developing new ideas? Personally, I try to present old things in a new way.

Al Noman believes that the stories and myths, which are popular in the villages of Bangladesh, still offer many possibilities for writers and artists keen to enrich contemporary arts and literature.

“Literators would benefit from reusing myths and folklore, and artists too can develop new trends by negotiating popular folklore. For several years, this is exactly what I have been doing, ”he said.

“The representation of recognizable objects as well as shapes that are not easily recognizable depends on the language of expression I choose to use in my work. If the spectators understand the language, all painting becomes alive for them, when they do not understand it, it becomes abstract. I just paint using specific techniques and the language of expression spontaneously emerges from the processes, ”Noman said, adding,“ In most of my paintings I present images by drawing characters and events presented in the stories. Only the temporal sequence cannot be encapsulated in works of art. ‘

Publishing houses have received a heavy blow due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, most of the people involved in this industry found themselves unemployed. He also shared his thoughts on the matter.

“The Covid epidemic is taking a heavy toll on everyone. Publishers have been hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis. Publishers have published fewer books this year. Fewer books means a lack of opportunities for cover artists. The losses suffered by cover artists can only be compensated if the fees are duly paid, I did not even receive 30% of my fees for the work I had done before this year’s book fair. ‘ finished Noman.



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