Digital content producers change tactics as IAB Newfronts debuts in the west


In today’s media-saturated world, content publishers are forced to test innovative new ways to connect with consumers, who are just one click away from an app of finding something else. to do.

Premium content producers are using new advertising and content formats, including podcasts, purchasable videos, and smart speakers, while ramping up their production of branded content as they attempt to break through the clutter.

The changes extend to print media, linear television and even long-established digital content companies.

About two dozen companies will showcase their content lists and strategies at the NewFronts West Digital Content Marketing Event October 9-10 in Los Angeles.

The old-fashioned advertising disruption model is on the way out, says Scott Donaton, global creative and content director for Publicis Groupe’s advertising agency Digitas. For proof, he says, look no further than this year’s Emmy Awards: HBO and Netflix, which neither sell nor broadcast, were the big winners with 23 trophies each.

Viewers shy away from ad-supported channels, in part because they no longer want to tolerate commercial interruptions – not even 30 seconds of pre-roll.

“The traditional model continues to lose its effectiveness and efficiency,” says Donaton. “If you’re an advertiser and you don’t mind that, you’re crazy. “

Meredith Corp., which owns more than 40 lifestyle and entertainment brands, is constantly experimenting with new platforms “intentionally” to attract new audiences, said Jon Werther, president of the company’s national media group. This includes e-commerce compatible videos and branded storefronts for customers, as well as Amazon Alexa skills and content delivered to connected devices and even automobiles.

“These are things that go beyond the traditional magazine experience,” he says.

For Viacom, whose roots are in cable TV and film, the need to reach consumers on digital platforms led them to create another division. Viacom Digital Studios, formed in late 2017, is investing in new programming franchises (and creating ad inventory) for MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and BET.

Over the summer, VDS also acquired Awesomeness, helping it reach viewers aged 13 to 24, said Kelly Day, president of Viacom Digital Studios.

“The traditional model continues to lose its effectiveness and efficiency. If you are an advertiser and you don’t mind that, you are crazy.
Scott Donaton, Global Creative & Content Director, Digitas

“You can’t really just dip a toe in water,” she says. “You are competing with a landscape of digital pure-plays that are all-inclusive and well-funded, so you have to operate like them. It takes focus. It’s hard to be truly successful programming for platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat when your main job is programming a linear TV channel.

Ellen Digital Network, a joint venture between Ellen DeGeneres and Warner Bros. Digital Networks, has been cultivating platform-specific extensions for the one-hour subscription talk show for years. But as Michael Riley, CEO of Ellen Digital Ventures, explains, “earthquake changes” in the media landscape are pushing Ellen Digital to continually find new ways to reach fans of DeGeneres and her show.

In September, Ellen Digital launched a behind-the-scenes podcast hosted by the show’s executive producers. He also had success with the short content series “#Momsplaining With Kristen Bell”, the first season of which garnered over 100 million views. Season two, which also started in September, is exclusively sponsored by Johnson & Johnson.

“What new technology allows us to do is reach consumers in different ways,” says Riley.

Pictured: Ellen Digital is adapting to market changes by launching digital series including “#Momsplaining With Kristen Bell”.

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