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NEW DELHI, January 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Picasso said that painting is a way of keeping a diary. The blue book is an example of such a log. A diary, both in words and images, telling us that we can keep the daily sublime in sight. All we need to do is pay equal attention to everything around us. Beauty only exists if you notice it. Don’t let your life go unnoticed.

Amitava Kumar said: When I was a boy growing up in Bihar, I used to see my grandmother placing a single red hibiscus flower on a small pedestal for her gods. It was a daily morning ritual. I like rituals: they establish a pattern, structure our days. My paintings and my words are such a ritual, a way of giving shape and form to our common lives, that of my reader and mine.

Oudayan Mitra, Executive Editor, says: How does a writer react to the world around us? How does the creative process take shape? Through an astonishing palette of words and images, At Amitava Kumar’s The blue book gives us fascinating insight into how an author’s mind reacts and responds to the world around us. Amitava’s paintings are as beautiful as the thoughts that accompany them are arresting: together they form a memorable diary of the troubled times we have lived through. This is a book that any book lover will want to pick up and read more than once.

“Thinking about a beautiful line while looking at a beautiful painting is the sublime pleasure offered by At Amitava Kumar’s The blue book.’

“A beautiful tribute to – and an extension of – the tradition of writer-artists such as John Berger.’

“It’s not right to read another person’s diary. But Amitava Kumar makes the experience so intimate in The blue book that you don’t feel guilty. You feel like it’s yours.

On The blue book:

Drawing as a way of keeping a diary. Write words in a journal as a way to keep a historical record. Watercolors and also words. These are the resources that the writer Amitava Kumar were using even before the pandemic hit. But the task became urgent exactly when he felt most isolated and frightened. The blue book is At Amitava Kumar’s urgent artistic response to our current world – a world that grants us love and loss, journeys through diverse landscapes, virus deaths, a flood of fake news and, if we care to notice, visions of flamboyant beauty. From the acclaimed author of books like A time outside of this time and Lovers, this writer’s diary is a panoramic portrait of the experience, both individual and collective, of the pandemic.

About the Author:

Amitava Kumar is the author of several non-fiction books and three novels. His work has appeared in Granta, the New York Times, Harper’s, and many other publications. He received a Guggenheim Fellowship and residencies from Yaddo, MacDowell and the Lannan Foundation. His novel Immigrant, Montana was on the list of the best of the year at the New Yorker, the New York Times, and by Barack Obama list of favorite books of 2018. Her new novel A time outside of this time was described by Pulitzer-winner Ayad Aktar as ‘an absorbing portrait of an inspired artist in the midst of our infuriating cultural moment’. Kumar is an English teacher at Vassar College in the north of the state New York.

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