Creativity is the key to successful content production: Dafydd Rhys Woodward


At the inaugural edition of the e4m Influencer Marketing Conference, an exceptional team of industry experts gathered to discuss the influencer marketing landscape in India. Dafydd Rhys Woodward, Global Managing Director, CNIB delivered the keynote address at the virtual event. He spoke on the topic – “Next Generation Influencer and Content Marketing: The Convergence of Content Creation, Addressable Distribution and Creator Commerce”.

“If we look back just five years, I think the world of influencer marketing would be unrecognizable from what it is today. And with the pace of change, I expect the landscape to evolve even more over the next five years, ”said Woodward.

Woodward explained the guiding principle of trusted voices and high quality content for marketers, while adding that effective marketing strategies begin with high quality, authentic content that reflects the brand. “Now, a lot of changes in this industry but some principles remain consistent. Top executives will be part of the marketing mix for 100 years, as marketers have long understood that endorsing authentic voices leads to increased trust, attention, and audience engagement, and this remains a guiding principle in everything I’m going to talk about. today. Effective influencer or effective marketing strategies begin with high quality, authentic content that reflects the brand and provides a strong brand message vehicle to consumers. And to step into more recent history, the rapid rise in connectivity and social platforms fueled by technology, of course, has really poured rocket fuel on this industry. First of all, it reframed the definition of fame and, by extension, influence, and it also democratized the ability to become influential and the ability to create a high volume of high quality content.

Speaking about the growth of influencer marketing and the increased interest of marketers in it, Woodward said, “Today each of us creates or consumes 16 times more content data than there is. is only 10 years old. And where the attention is, advertising dollars surely follow. And as an effective way to reach and engage audiences on social platforms, it’s no surprise to see increased interest from marketers and increased budgets for influencer marketing. As social platforms were originally created so that people could stay connected or make new connections online, these social platforms quickly developed a monetization model around this, as the global audience does not consume not these free services. This spawned the era of paid social advertising, laying the groundwork for reaching large-scale target audiences in social environments, and of course, quickly grew into a multi-billion dollar industry in which virtually all brands are investing today.

Elaborating on influencer marketing trends, Woodward said, “Now a recent trend that we have seen in influencer marketing is the adoption of paid media tactics in serving influencer campaigns. Reaching a large-scale audience on social platforms with engaging content via the authentic voice of the creator is now a common tactic in serving influencer campaigns. This has led to some really solid results for clients, and a greater range of results, more campaign metrics in the middle of the funnel. This is therefore a key trend that should accelerate. I will see budgets for influencer activity continue to increase as planners consolidate budgets for content creation and distribution across social worlds. But where else do we see evidence of this growing trend, well, we don’t have to look any further than the social platform giants themselves. For the first time we see these platforms that recognized content creators are strategically important to them for the future of their platforms, returning users are their cornerstone. And it is now recognized that the quality content created by influencers inspires audiences to keep opening social apps on their smartphones, day in and day out, time and time again every day.

Woodward said that empowering content is increasingly important and social platforms are leaning into their creative community like never before. “Creators are now being rewarded for the content they produce, and not just for the brands they have endorsed, but at every level. And to me, it’s way overdue, and it provides creators with the incentive and reward for the audiences they attract and the content they create. They are independent mini-publishers after all and we will see this trend continue to develop. So it’s clear that stimulating content is increasingly important and social platforms are leaning into their creative community like never before. But why logically stop distribution on social channels, especially a market the size of India, why not use creative content outside of the Wardogs of social platforms, securing the rights to use the content opens up a multitude opportunities for marketers to reach audiences in engaging new ways through media channels. And it also paves the way for us to offer an addressable influence of the contact, ”he said.

Adding more on addressable influencer content, he explained, “What do I mean by addressable influencer content? For example, by delivering creative content programmatically through a DSP, we can recreate social posts about digital properties, whether they are static images, story formats, or videos. And that in turn allows us to provide greater scale and better targeting capabilities by ingesting third-party data first, second, and for now anyway. With the degradation of cookies by third parties getting closer and closer, using influencer content in this way can be a very powerful tactic, as we learn and adapt the types of audiences that engage and the types of content they engage with. So to bring that to life a bit, we can do that by taking advantage of dynamic and creative optimization and dynamic messaging. “

Woodward pointed out that it is also possible to use content from one market to target relevant audiences in another. “This is extremely exciting for me and imagine the value of using content created in India to target Indian audiences here in the UK. The possibilities are vast and for me, being able to use our global network to create and deliver campaigns for our international clients is an extremely exciting prospect and can really drive business growth for our clients, which is ultimately the end of the game. is also very exciting is the functionality provided by the addressable distribution. Here we have better control over where and how we make the public come up with broader actions and deeper results, ”he explained.

Highlighting the creative commerce offering and the opportunity to buy more creative content, Woodward said, “There has been a sprint towards delivering e-commerce and social commerce results lately, across the board. media landscape. Here we will talk about providing creative commerce, this is where we aim to make more creative content purchasable wherever possible. The APAC region is absolutely on fire in this sector and is leading the way in this regard. Integrations with shopping platforms such as Shopify, Woo commerce, etc. alongside the social platform shops themselves will be a growing trend over the next 18 months. And I predict we’ll see many more brands in industries than we ever imagined becoming straight mainstream brands. By taking advantage of these types of features, we can help make them a reality. Beside that, there is an era in an era where everything is on demand. We are seeing a slight increase in live streaming, podcasts, audio and the emergence of KOS – key opinion sellers, very interesting developments to come over the next 18 months.

Concluding the session, he said: “Creativity is the key to successful content production. And we firmly believe that creativity and diversity go hand in hand. This is a major area of ​​interest for us, not only within the group but across the industry, and working with various sets of designers who reflect the society we work in is a cornerstone of how we continue to run successful campaigns for our clients and advocate for the use of diverse creators across the industry. Building CNIB designer communities will improve our ability to remain agile and bring even more creativity to our local and international clientele.

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