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ZIMBABWE’s economy is on a recovery trajectory buoyed by last crop year’s bumper harvest and rebound in the mining sector much to the chagrin of the country’s critics.

This is a positive point that is minimized by hostile foreign propaganda.

It is for this reason that the Government is reviewing the deployment of the national digital transmission network to ensure that citizens have access to timely and appropriate information as part of efforts to counter hostile foreign propaganda.

Speaking to independent content producers at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) Montrose Studios in Bulawayo on Sunday, Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Monica Mutsvangwa said the government was reviewing its rollout national digital transmission network to ensure that all citizens have access to timely and appropriate information to counter hostile foreign propaganda.

Minister Mutsvangwa said the aim was to ensure there were no blind and deaf transmission zones across the country.

She urged actors in the film industry to use their creative productions to change negative perceptions and project a positive national image that promotes the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Minister Mutsvangwa implored content producers to join her ministry in telling the story of the country’s collective vision.

“As leaders and communities, we have agreed that we want to harness and mobilize all of our people to channel our efforts towards a prosperous and empowered middle-income society by 2030,” she said.

The nation is already working towards realizing this vision, as evidenced by the new businesses that have been commissioned and the mines that have been revived since the advent of the Second Republic.

Many companies are also striving to increase their capacity utilization despite the constraints imposed by illegal sanctions.

Zimbabwe’s enemies are using social media to peddle lies, hence Minister Mutsvangwa’s challenge to content producers to partner with her ministry to mobilize the people to work towards achieving Vision 2030.

The government has said that despite the sanctions, Zimbabweans should strive to grow the economy by taking advantage of the country’s abundant resources.

Individuals peddling lies to fuel chaos in the economy are among the economic saboteurs who should be exposed by content producers as they tell the true story of Zimbabwe.

We want at this point to implore Zimbabweans to play their part in the growth of the economy.

The objective should now be to contribute positively to the growth of the economy, taking advantage of the government’s many policy interventions to improve the ease of doing business.


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