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There is a new cooperation between the Deutsche Fussball Liga and Sky with the support of ClimatePartner. The German Bundesliga is now implementing carbon-neutral media production for all 612 Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga matches, as well as for Relegation and the Super Cup.

As announced at the end of July 2022, DFL, in close collaboration with its media partner Sky, will initially offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the media production of the matches with the support of ClimatePartner, and will also work intensively on measures aimed at systematically reducing emissions.

The selection of the corresponding carbon offset projects, which will be supported by the LDF and Sky, will be made in consultation with ClimatePartner.

At the same time, DFL subsidiary Sportcast, which produces the basic signal for all matches for national and international media partners, is analyzing potential savings and is already working on a phased reduction plan for their broadcasts.

The step towards the production of carbon-neutral media follows the essential measures taken by the DFL in recent months on the subject of sustainability, which are constantly being developed and extended.

Sky is also working intensively on the topic of climate action. Media partner DFL has set itself the goal of reducing its own carbon footprint and reaching net zero by 2030. Sky is not only reducing emissions caused directly by the business, but also looking at the whole of the value chain.

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