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New Delhi [India], March 9 (ANI/PR Newswire): HarperCollins India releases The Maverick Effect: The Inside Story of India’s IT Revolution in March. The book follows the untold story of how a group of dreamers made India the world’s IT leader, written by NASSCOM founding member and first elected president, Harish Mehta.

“The Maverick Effect is a definitive and authoritative biography of NASSCOM, told by the one who spearheaded the creation of NASSCOM in 1988 and nurtured it as its precious child even after 33 years to the day. Future historians will draw on this work when they research the role of NASSCOM in removing bureaucratic hurdles during the early years of the software services industry in India.” – NR Narayana Murthy, Co-Founder, Infosys

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“Three decades ago, NASSCOM had a vision for India’s nascent tech industry. By bringing it to fruition, the lives of millions of people have been improved and the destiny of our country has been transformed. Today, we We must create a new vision for the decades to come. If anyone today wants to know how such a feat can be achieved, there will be no shortage of inspiration in the pages of this book.”- N Chandrasekaran, Chairman, Tata Sounds

“Harish Mehta, in this exceptionally written book, gives his unique perspective on the tireless efforts it took to establish NASSCOM, which has played a pivotal role in enhancing the industry’s global brand image. computing and in the creation of the great Indian middle class. I particularly liked the way he quotes “nothing is possible without men, but nothing lasts without institutions” and uses it as an allegory to speak of NASSCOM.”- Deepak S Parekh, Chairman, HDFC Ltd

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“Harish brings together the incredible contribution of this industry not only to Indian economic growth but also to the renovation of India’s global image. The book is a must read for those who wish to make their industrial organizations worthy of the confidence of policy makers, by making individual companies profit maximizing in the service of national interests.” – Rajiv Kumar, Vice President Niti Aayog

“Engaging, informative and inspiring. As the start-up ecosystem moves towards scaling, we must learn from the extraordinary journey of India’s IT services industry.”- Rajan Anandan, Managing Director, Sequoia Capital

The customs officer told me that I had to leave him samples of what I was exporting. I had to leave him the software diskette. The diligent officer immediately stuck a stapler into the diskette and attached it to the form, destroying the media and rendering it unreadable. For a very long time, everyone’s understanding of software differed wildly. This confusion continued into the 1980s and it became difficult to grow the business. The more young software entrepreneurs I met, the more I realized that my frustration was not unique. Something must be done.’

In the mid-1970s, a young man in his twenties living an American dream gave up a lucrative job as a database manager and returned to India. At that time, India had no computer industry to speak of; computers were a novelty, and the nation was trapped in socio-economic backwardness and a License Raj maze. As young Harish Mehta struggled to find his groove, he realized that India’s nascent and fragmented IT industry urgently needed a unified voice that could speak to government, change laws and harness the country’s potential. In an unlikely alliance of headstrong and competitive young professionals, he united other IT entrepreneurs to dream up a world-renowned association that would revolutionize Indian IT: NASSCOM.

The Maverick Effect is the extraordinary story of this group of dreamers who joined hands to transform a nation while changing the lens through which the world viewed India. Valued today at 200 billion dollars, the Indian computer industry directly employs more than four million people. It is the largest source of foreign exchange and has helped millions of Indians overcome poverty and move into the middle income group. Honest, open and inspiring, Harish Mehta’s journey proves that no vision is impossible if relentless kindred spirits come together.

Harish Mehta says, “The impact that NASSCOM and the Indian IT industry have had on India is unprecedented. I have often been asked how NASSCOM was born. I realized that I couldn’t direct anyone to a definitive source. And so, I took it upon myself to write a book, aptly titled “The Maverick Effect.” The book talks about some of the fiercest competitors who have collaborated, creating an unstoppable flywheel that is the Indian tech industry.

Sachin Sharma, Editor-in-Chief, HarperCollins India, said, “Today’s world understands and respects the power of India’s IT industry, but there is an incredible story behind how this global leadership was achieved. The Maverick Effect presents a brilliant inside story of how certain competitors came together, created an industry body called NASSCOM, and transformed a nation. This is a book that will inspire generations to come.

Harish Mehta is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Onward Technologies Ltd. He is the founding member and first elected president of NASSCOM, a non-profit organization representing India’s burgeoning IT industry and considered one of the most exemplary associations in the world. As a leading angel investor, he also spends time mentoring young entrepreneurs and start-ups.

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