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The creative industry was given a platform to present local content internationally via UPICtv supported by Botswana Fiber Networks (BoFiNet).

Following the installation’s introduction, 20 content producers signed an agreement with UPICtv to produce content for Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) on Wednesday in Gaborone.

With the creative industry being one of the entities most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Botswana, the initiative is timely to facilitate the industry’s recovery.

UPICtv has been hailed as a perfect platform for local content producers to tell local stories through films, documentaries and other content billed for the platform.

BoFiNet CEO Mabua Mabua has promised the entire local creative industry that his organization will continue to have the necessary resources to ensure the sustainability of this project.

He also said that they promised the creative young Botswana that through this initiative job opportunities would be unlocked and that they would continue to advocate and advance this agenda until they reached the expected number of opportunities. Mabua underscored his commitment to the creative sector by using UPICtv as a tool for local content development and leveraging indigenous knowledge, in efforts to preserve Botswana’s culture and diversify the economy.

A representative of content producers, Afentse Lekolwane said now is the perfect time to be a content creator because of the perspectives the platform presents to them and encouraged his colleagues to prepare for the opportunity.

She said they were hungry for opportunities and pledged to realize the investment BoFiNet made to empower them, stressing that they had no room for failure. “We are grateful for this video on demand (VOD) service because we have stories worth telling in Botswana and we want our stories to be told and heard around the world and these two are important to our industry which is history and the market. ” she pointed out.

Lekolwane also said that they can no longer afford to produce shoddy products labeled “Botswana quality” due to the global audience expecting to see quality local content on the platform. The platform will continue to attract more local content producers, with BoFiNet offering support to the platform and producers, while also opening the platform to more creatives who want to include their content in the service.


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