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Binga’s INDEPENDENT content producers are seeking financial assistance to make a dramatic film aimed at portraying life in the Binga countryside.

There is no broadcast in Binga and as such people do not take advantage of local radio and television services.

Digital Moments Creative Arts, which has worked on three productions, one of which was sponsored by ZimDigital last year, wants to take the turn and empower the neighborhood.

Their director, Kalulu Mumpande, who also chairs Binga’s content creation committee, said they were working on a fourth dramatic film called Malweza but were hampered by the lack of funding.

“People want to produce films but are handicapped by economic challenges. We did a production called Malweza with 13 episodes, but the challenge is to fund transportation and food for the cast and crew, ”Mumpande said.

He said the total cost of production is $ 33,700, but they are more concerned with the $ 2,530 for food and $ 2,240 for transporting the cast and crew.

“We want to do it (production) at low cost and all we want now is money for food and transport. We have rented equipment and our plan is that the team and the actors can be paid after the sale of our product, ”he said.

Mumpande, who said they were motivated by the need to tell Binga’s story and empower young people through the arts, said they plan to shoot in April if they get the funding.

He thanked the ZimDigital program for empowering youth through training.

ZimDigital has trained dozens of content producers across the country and many have since submitted drama and documentary proposals and those that have been approved will receive funding for the shoot.

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