Authorities Warn Yakima About Publishers Clearinghouse Scam


Authorities are warning of a scam that could trick you into giving up thousands of dollars in hopes of making more money. The final warning is the Publishers Clearing House scam in which you are told that you have won the money but have to pay a fee to claim the money. This is not how the legitimate prize is awarded and authorities say this is the first red flag.

The scam is back because it claims victims in Yakima

Scammers keep trying to find victims in Yakima because they have been successful in the past. In fact, Yakima police say that in 2017, a Yakima man lost over $10,000 in the Publishers Clearing House scam. The man received a call saying he had won the top prize even though he had never entered the competition. The man contacted Yakima police after losing the $10,000 and by then it was too late as authorities could do nothing to recover the money.

There are only two ways to be notified of a win

According to the Publishers Clearing House website at;

“All PCH prizes of $500 or more are awarded by certified or express letter or in person by our renowned Prize Patrol, at our option.”
This means that if you receive notice that you have won a prize other than by certified mail or an in-person prize, you are the victim of a scam.
Other scams that pop up this time of year come in the form of scammers calling saying they are raising money for Florida hurricane victims or police and fire units. Police say if you get one of these calls, do your homework. Get a callback number and try to reach the organization so your questions can be answered. The police say to do all this work before handing over your money or any other financial information.

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