Apple’s iPhone 14 set to start production in India in October


After Apple’s suppliers revealed that the company is in talks to start producing its Apple Watch and MacBook products in Vietnam for the first time ever, new suggestions indicate that production of the next iPhone 14 will begin simultaneously in China and Vietnam. India, making the rapid availability of the device much more likely

However, a new Bloomberg report (via 9to5Mac) suggests that Apple is reversing its iPhone 14 plans with India. According to the publication, supply chain issues, coupled with privacy concerns, are the reason why Apple has doubts.

Initially, manufacturing plants based in India only assembled Apple’s iPhone SE, but have also progressed to assemble other Apple devices, including the iPhone 13, with Foxconn being the country’s main supplier for the iPhone 13. , and Wistron responsible for the iPhone SE and iPhone 12, according to 9to5Mac. Then, earlier this month, Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo suggested that China and India would start iPhone 14 production at the same time.

According to Bloomberg report, however, this is not feasible, and now Apple aims to close the gap between launch production in China and later production of devices in India.

“Apple Inc. plans to start manufacturing the iPhone 14 in India approximately two months after the product’s initial release in China, narrowing the gap between the two countries but not closing it completely as some had anticipated,” we read in the report. “The company has been working with suppliers to speed up manufacturing in India and reduce the production lead time for the new iPhone by six to nine months for previous launches, according to people familiar with the matter.”

In addition, “Apple has also been concerned about Indian customs officers, who usually open packages to check whether imported materials match their declarations”, which happens to be an issue related to the upcoming line’s secrecy.

The first Indian factories would start production of the iPhone 14 line in October.

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Source: Bloomberg


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