Amber Heard Writes ‘Awesome Revenge Memoir’ And Publishers Are Willing To Pay $15 Million For It? Johnny Depp Fans Slam, “What Would The Title Be, How To Poop In Bed?”

Amber Heard is facing massive backlash over reports of her tell-all revenge memoir against Johnny Depp (Photo Credit – Instagram; Wikimedia)

Amber Heard has lost a lot of respect since losing the defamation lawsuit against Johnny Depp. The actress is stalked mercilessly on social networks every day. But not that, there have been petitions calling for her removal as Mera in Aquaman 2. Amid all of this, reports of her tell-all book are getting louder than ever. Here’s how people are reacting.

It was recently reported that Amber was working on a tell-all book that aims to get revenge on Johnny. Rumors suggested that she felt she had nothing to lose and her Hollywood career was already over. Therefore, she chooses to mint money this way and is already delighted with it.

According to a recent report by Radar, Amber Heard’s “gut-filled revenge memoirs” have created a “publishing frenzy.” Negotiations go as high as $15 million because publishers want to own the rights to explosive material.

While Amber Heard hasn’t confirmed the tell-all book news, Johnny Depp fans and netizens are already furious and calling out to him on social media.

One user tweeted: “What would be the title? How to poo in a bed?

A TikTok creator in a viral video asked, “What kind of publisher would be stupid enough to go into business with someone who was just found to be defamatory?”

“Amber Heard’s new book is already making her millions of dollars,” fellow user Noah Glenn Carter said in her video.

One netizen pointed out, “He can sue her again for defamation with all the lies that will be in the book. The witch just needs to move on.

While another wrote: ‘I don’t know why people give it daylight.’

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