‘A Space For The Unbound’ Delayed After Editors’ Exploits Team


A Space for the Unbound is an upcoming pixel art adventure experience inspired by a rural Indonesian town of the 90s, but things take a supernatural turn. It’s a game based on overcoming dreaded feelings like anxiety and depression and the relationship between two high school sweethearts.

The title plays like a point-and-click adventure game and features an engaging story that follows Atma and Raya’s journey of self-discovery at the end of their high school year. Atma and Raya must learn and gain knowledge about a mysterious power unleashed in the quiet town that threatens their existence.

A space for the unrelated offers an immersive pixel-art experience that perfectly captures the feel of a rural Indonesian town with its vibrant colors. Explore the town, chat and interact with other townspeople, read their thoughts and learn more about this secret supernatural power that could bring about the end of the world.

A Space for the Unbound has been in development for 7 years. The team behind the project, @MojikenStudio, and @togeproductions, worked hard. However, the A Space for the Unbound team made a joint announcement on Twitter, denouncing the shady practices of its publisher, PQube Games. The game has been delayed indefinitely due to team sentiment”exploitedby the editor.

A joint notice from Toge Productions and developer Mojiken explained how they signed a console publishing deal for western regions with publisher, PQube Games. Now the team has accused UK publisher PQube Games of exploiting, manipulating and “predatory practices.

The statement from the A Space for the Unbound team states that the publisher “had done some things that made us feel manipulated and exploited, and so we had to terminate our agreement with them. He keeps on, “At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in August 2020, PQube Games used our position and heritage as Indonesian developers to secure a diversity fund from a well-known console platform.

The team continues to explain that the fund was granted to help “underrepresented game developers, especially during the pandemic. The team explains “However, instead of giving these funds to the developers as the grant was intended, PQube Games intentionally withheld information about the grant and used it as leverage for its own commercial gain.

Rather than giving us the grant money, PQube Games hid the facts about the grant award and added it as a minimum recoverable guarantee, then used it to negotiate their increased revenue share. . We only discovered the actual amount of these funds and their destination in March 2022.

The statement said more with the team showing distress. “We are absolutely sorry that a party we have worked with is doing this, and a project we have been working on for seven years has been exploited in this way.“A Space for the Unbound has also shown its distrust of PQube Games.

Since the discovery of this problem, we clearly cannot trust PQube Games nor continue to work together for the release of A space for the unrelated as PQube Games has materially breached not only reasonable decency, but also its obligations to us as a result of these predatory practices.

We need to take a stand against exploitative publishers and talk about them to prevent such things from happening in the future. Thus, we also announce that we have terminated our contract with PQube Games.The statement goes on to accuse PQube Games of refusing to hand over control of publishing on console platforms.

It is with heavy hearts that we must hold back the release of A space for the unrelated so that we can make further arrangements and ensure that it is published as intended and in a manner consistent with our values ​​and those of our community.“The game is postponed indefinitely until further notice.

Additionally, the team also made another ad, asking the community not to criticize or harass the editor as this is not tolerated. Moreover, such a move will only further hurt the developers who created the game. The community fully supports the affected developers and hopes that the funds will be returned.

PQube Games has not made an official response at the time of writing. What do you think of this situation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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