11 Best Books to Gift Aspiring Writers and Authors


So you want to write a novel. There’s a book (or ten thousand) for that. Some are bland, dull and stereotyped. The ones on this list are none of those things. Most are memoirs and collections of essays that quietly introduce craftsmanship advice: there’s literary criticism, personal narrative, and close reading, and along the way, theories of tone and narrative come together. sink as if by osmosis. But even the theoretically simple crafting books here do much more than serve up packaged plot structures; they are as pleasant to browse as they are useful. They use published works as examples – Russian classics, contemporary poetry, slick crime thrillers – to inspire someone to read better and writing. (I have yet to find anything more inspiring than reading books so good they make me jealous.) Most are books I referenced during the long, lonely work of writing my first novel, or those that I would have liked to have. There’s also one on the art of creative non-fiction, and one that tackles whatever comes next. after the actual writing of the manuscript. As one might say but should never write it: variety is the spice of life.

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