10 Best Comic Book Stories From “Celebrity” Writers


The comics have tremendous appeal that draws fans of all kinds, including some celebrities. Actors, comedians, and musicians are all storytellers in their own way, and the comics are just another way for fans and celebrities to join in on the fun.

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This has led a number of celebrities to turn to the comic book industry to tell their own stories or play with popular characters from comic book publishers like Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse, BOOM! Studios, and more. Some of the best comedic stories have been written by famous actors, musicians, and comedians.

ten Mark Hamill featured a media-created “superhero” in the Black Pearl

Cover of Mark Hamill's comic book series The Black Pearl

Star wars first introduced fans to star Mark Hamill, who is no stranger to the comic book world as he has provided the voice for the animated adaptations of many characters over the years, including his unforgettable work as that Joker of Batman: The Animated Series. Originally hoping to direct his own screenplay co-written with Eric Johnson, he released his own comic instead.

The black Pearl was published in 1996 with art by HM Baker and followed the story of Luther Drake, a creepy stalker with a dark obsession for his neighbor. While this doesn’t seem like the typical superhero origin, Luther saves his obsession with a mafia blow. It turns into a media frenzy that builds the mystery of The Black Pearl as he embarks on a one-on-one mission against the Mafia.

9 Dan Fogler created the sci-fi horror anthology series Moon Lake for Archaia

Cover of Dan Fogler's horror anthology Moon Lake

Movie fans like Fanboys and Fantastic beasts and where to find them already loves actor Dan Fogler, but comic book fans might also have a fondness for the writer after the release of his anthology sci-fi / horror comic series, Moon Lake.

Fogler has teamed up with a number of artists to follow the stories of Man on the Moon, a kidnapped storyteller who uses his horror stories to block an alien invasion of Earth. The series began in Archaia with follow-up stories appearing in Heavy metal, which will help adapt the anthology for an upcoming animated series.

8 Get Jiro by Anthony Bourdain and Joel Rose! Explored a futuristic culinary war

Get Jiro

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is perhaps best known as a New York Times best-selling author who also took viewers around the world to sample international cuisine – although comic book fans probably know him as the creator of Vertigo’s. Get Jiro!

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Co-written with Joel Rose and featuring art by Langdon Foss, Get Jiro! explored a futuristic society where chefs reigned supreme in their cities as the society fought and bled for a chance to eat in their restaurant. The series followed a new sushi chef whose arrival sparked a culinary war of epic proportions not to be missed for comic book fans.

7 Patton Oswalt has written a number of comics over the years

Comedian, actor and star of adaptations like Blade trinity, Agents of SHIELD, and MODOK, Patton Oswalt has a long career in comics as he has contributed to a number of stories at Marvel, DC Comics, and other publishers over the years.

Owalt writes one-shots like JLA: Welcome to the working week and has been featured in anthologies like Weird World for DC while addressing Marvel stories like MODOK head games. Oswalt also wrote famous one-shots like The Goon: Black and he wrote a touching story about the fan favorite Firefly character Wash in Dark Horse’s Serenity: float.

6 Rosario Dawson created and stars in Image Comics’ OCT: Occult Crimes Taskforce

Cover of Rosario Dawson's OCT Occult Crimes Working Group

Another actor who has appeared in a few comic book projects over the years like the one on Netflix daredevil and Luke Cage live action series is Rosario Dawson. She also brought new strength to comics with OCT: Working Group on Occult Crimes.

Co-written by David Atchison with art by Tony Shasteen, Dawson’s likeness starred in the comics as Sophia Ortiz, principal investigator of a secretive team of New York detectives who work in the “Otherground” mystic to serve and protect the city from mystical threats in the Image / 12 Gauge Comics horror series which was almost a live-action television series.

5 Actor / comedian Paul Scheer and Nick Giovannetti teamed up for The Hilarious Aliens Vs. Parker

Aliens vs. Parker 3

TV series fans like The league Where NTSF: SD: SUV :: are already aware of comedian Paul Scheer’s particular brand of humor, which has spread to the hit podcast How did it happen? and Showtime’s Black monday. Scheer has also written a number of Marvel Stories in series like Guardian team and Spider-Man / Deadpool.

However, that’s his job with BOOM! Studios’ Aliens vs. Parker alongside co-writer Nick Giovannetti and artist Manuel Bracchi who truly allowed him to explore his love for sci-fi and comedy as an intergalactic delivery team is forced to survive a job on the most dangerous planet in the universe.

4 Brian Posehn teamed up with Gerry Duggan for a celebrated run on Deadpool

Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan's Deadpool series

The wonder NOW! The rebranding introduced some exciting new creative teams in 2012, although fans were thrilled with actor / comedian Gerry Duggan Brian Posehn’s team, who is instantly recognizable by his many appearances in film and television.

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The team worked with The walking dead‘s Tony Moore for an unforgettable race on dead Pool which featured some of the craziest moments in the character’s long history of Crazy Moments. The series instantly won over fans and spanned over fifty issues to become a famous race for the Merc-with-a-Mouth.

3 Thomas Jane and Steve Niles explored horrific alien invasion on Bad Planet

Cover of Thomas Jane's Bad Planet comic book series

Star of the years 2004 The punisher (and the unofficial, but awesome Dirty laundry short) Thomas Jane is no stranger to comic book fans, though he bolstered his credo with a horrific sci-fi series titled Bad planet that he wrote next 3o days of nightby Steve Niles and artist Lewis LaRosa for Image Comics / Raw Studios.

Bad planet featured a terrifying alien invasion on Earth of deadly space spider creatures that launched their attack after an asteroid released them onto humanity. The series followed a lone alien warrior who arrived on the planet in order to help Earth fight the creepy crawlers. While the series has yet to release its final issues, it’s still worth checking out for horror and sci-fi fans.

2 Kevin Smith went from the Askewniverse comics to the celebrated Marvel and DC projects

Kevin Smith's Best Divided Comics Picture

Writer / Director Kevin Smith is best known for his View Askewniverse films which include fan favorite hits like Clerk and Mallrats, which helped him get started in comics to continue the adventures of his characters Jay and Silent Bob in a number of Oni Press series.

Smith caused a stir in the Marvel universe with the launch of Marvel Knights daredevil in the “Guardian Devil” storyline that fans fondly remember. He moved to DC for an equally memorable run on Green arrow called “Quiver” which was followed by a hit miniseries for both publishers like Spider-Man / Black Cat: The Evil Men Do, Batman: cacophony, and more.

1 Gerard Way created the Umbrella Academy series

Gerard Way's Umbrella Academy comic

Actors and comedians aren’t the only celebrities who have launched new careers in comics, like musician Gerard Way from My chemical romance has released a number of comic book series over the years. His greatest success is undoubtedly that of Dark Horse. The Umbrella Academy series with artist Gabriel Bá, which has been adapted into a hit Netflix series.

Way also worked with Marvel to co-create the characters Peni Parker and Sp // dr for Spider-Verse Edge before launching his own imprint DC Comics “Young Animal” which featured series like Mother panics, Fate Patrol, Shade the changing girl, and Cave Carson has a cybernetic eye who crossed paths with DC heroes during the Milk wars Event.

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